Bzzingbee’s Most Wanted

What’s this? This is a list of products that I’m pining over and hope to have in my possession someday.


Njoy Eleven
Njoy Pure Plug (any size)
Njoy Fun Wand
Nobessence…pretty much anything
Bad Dragon Tentacle (Large and Medium, firmness 8)
BD Anthro Dragon (small, firmness 8)
BD Xar the Karabos (medium, firmness 8)
BD The Tailstretcher (small, firmness 8)
BD Breeder (medium, firmness 8)
BD Varka (firmness 5 or 3)
Nexus Isis
Nexus Chloe
Cherry Minx Leather Harness from Aslan Leather
Silicone Ball Gag from Aslan Leather
Jaguar Cuffs Red from Aslan Leather
Suede Pocket Flogger from Aslan Leather
Gianni by Vamp Silicone
Lola by Vamp Silicone
Carina by Vamp Silicone
Elvis by Vamp Silicone
Greta by Vamp Silicone
Small Clear Plug w/ Red Magma Crystal by Crystal Delights
Regular Clear Plug w/ Mint Green Crystal by Crystal Delights
Crystal Twist Mini Plug w/ Jet Black Crystal by Crystal Delights
Star Delight CAC Lavender Dildo by Crystal Delights
Crystal Pleasure Paddle in Mint Green by Crystal Delights


Kimberly Kane’s Been Blackmaled
Kimberly Kane’s Mandy Candy
Live in My Secrets
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Tender Hearted
Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2
Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry (any from that series)

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