Nexus Neo

I have one more Nexus product that my friend, the Good Doctor, helped me review. This is the Neo, a hard plastic prostate toy. It is firm and smooth with some bulbs and ribs and a base with two long arms that make this wonderfully safe for anal use. The Neo comes in five different colors: white, red, black, purple, and orange. We got the orange Neo to test, which was perfect because orange happens to be the Good Doctor’s favorite color.  That was really more of an aesthetic bonus than anything.

The Neo is 5.25 inches long with 4 of those inches being insertable. It has a 4 inch circumference and 1.25 inch diameter. One of the other prostate toys that the Good Doctor has used is the Njoy Pfun Plug which is comparable in diameter and circumference, though the Neo is a little bit longer and is made from a light material. Also, the arms of the Neo make a far better handle for manipulation than the loop of the Pfun plug.  Here are the Good Doctor’s own words on his experience with the Neo:

I found the Neo to be somewhat more difficult to insert than the Nexus ‘O’ despite similar diameters.  I attributed this to the longer and more rigid design.  It was necessary for me to lay on my side as suggested in the pamphlet in order to successfully insert it.  That done, I enjoyed it’s position in relation to my prostate, as it seemed to rest in the groove underneath the head of the toy.  This made small manipulations of the toy more noticeable and pleasurable than other toys that end directly on my prostate and did seem to enhance orgasm.  That said, the difficulty of insertion makes me not often reach for this toy; however I am not a very avid prostate toy user and find prostate stimulation only minimally enhancing.  Regardless, this is of of the most pleasurable toys of the three or so I’ve tried of similar size.

So the Neo emerges the champion of the prostate toys he has tried thus far. I think the length made a big difference in his pleasure.  What else is great about the Neo? It has a silver roller ball built in to the handle (though removable with a little tool that is included for cleaning) that is positioned for perineum massage. Those extra long arms make finding and maneuvering this plug as needed a cinch. It can be used with water based AND silicone based lubes since it is made of plastic. Cleaning is also easy! You can clean the Neo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap or by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol.

If you’re still searching for the right prostate toy for you, give the Neo a shot. It might just be the one to make your orgasm over the top!
Thanks to Nexus for providing the Neo for review!

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