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Being a woman comes with many challenges in life.  One of those challenges is dealing with unsanitary bathroom conditions or the lack of a bathroom all together.  Men have it easy being able to stand and pee anywhere they want.  Well, I’ve got a solution that really works for this problem.  The P Style! This is an amazingly simple and well designed product that frees women from the inconvenience of sitting to pee.

I’ve often thought bout how unsavory public restrooms are but never really thought there was an easy way to avoid the nastiness.  Recently, I went camping for the first time in a while and was faced with either squatting unsteadily in the grass, risking bugs and poison ivy or a long trek down to the bathroom.  In years before, it never would have occurred to me to look for a stand-to-pee device but since I’ve been reviewing different adult propucts, I have been exposed to all kinds of new things.  One of those things is the P Style which can be used for all the things I mentioned and many more.

I really wanted to get one for myself after that camping trip because I became very tired of walking up and down the path to the bathroom.  I looked around online and finally contacted the makers of the P Style to see about an opportunity to review it.  They not only agreed to send me one for review but also sent me some for a giveaway (yep, you could win your very own!).

The P Style is made of hard plastic and comes in six different colors (orange, green, lavender, silver, blue, and pink). I love the variety of colors that they offer, which is one of the reasons I was mot interested in the P Style. The colors I received are green, lavender, pink, and blue, so naturally I snagged the green one for myself.

Here are all the colors together.

The P Style is basically an elongated funnel that directs urine away from you while you are standing. It is 7.5 inches long and measures 1.5 inches at the deep end (the end you press against you) and .75 inches at the shallow end (where the urine exits).  The directions for use say to place the widest part of the P Style between your legs centered under your urethra, then press upward. Then you point the end where you want to direct your urine, relax and pee. When you’re done, bend your knees slightly and pull the P Style forward with a firm pressure. This is supposed to remove any excess urine and eliminate the need for toilet paper.

The directions are pretty much spot on.  I first tried this in the bath tub because, honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d have the device positioned properly or how the amount of urine would effect its use.  I was very pleasantly surprised to get it right on the first try.  Since then, I’ve used it at the toilet, with the seat down and up and outside.  I’ve used it with and without clothes.  The only time I’ve had any spillage was one time when I was outside in the dark and I’m not really sure how it happened, but I think it happened post-pee.  It is very simple to use.  As far as eliminating the need for toilet paper, it does work at removing excess urine but if toilet paper is available I feel better doing a simple pat dry afterwards.

To clean the P Style you can wash it with hot water and soap, toss it in the dishwasher or washing machine. If you don’t have any of these available you can rinse with water until it can be cleaned or clean with sanitary wipes.  The small size of this makes it ultra portable too, so you can take it anywhere.  I prefer to keep it in a ziploc for transport.

So how can you win one of your own? Easy!

Mandatory Entry: Post a comment about when you would use the P Style (everyday life/public restrooms, camping, hunting, for gender purposes).

Extra Entries: (Be sure to leave a comment telling me you did)
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Thanks so much to Krista’s Cups for providing me with the P Style to review and share!

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  1. Seth

    I’m a FTM and would use this everyday! Having an STP would greatly improve my confidence in the boys’ room.

  2. Seth

    I subscribed to your blog. 🙂

  3. Seth

    I followed you on Twitter and have tweeted your contest.

    I’m @smokebelly

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  10. Dan

    Frankly, I’m not sure, I would have to try it out, but it certainly looks interesting. Something I would have never thought of.

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  12. Oh wow so many times i would use this.
    As a photographer I would use in middle of woods and heathland; when I dont want to go home, so much more hygenic.
    I also suffer from suffer from severe joint and back pain and it would help not to have to get up and down off the toilet when Im bad.
    Plus any restroom or outside toilet where I certainly would never put my ass on the seat.
    Everywhere at anytime in everyday life.

    Subscribed and tweeted.*

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  14. Remi

    As a female-bodied genderqueer, I’d love to have one of these for every day ins and outs. I’d probably never sit to pee again (except on the rare days I actually feel like a girl.)

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  16. I have another one of these types, but not the PStyle! I’d love to try one of these. I think I’d mostly use it in public when sitting on public bathrooms is just, y’know, gross! I’d love it for that!

  17. I added your blog to my Google Reader! (And the lavender is so cute!)

  18. I’d use this when we were traveling since public bathrooms on the road tend to be SO gross!

  19. Remi

    I also subscribed via email.

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