Rock Chick Vibrator

The Rock Chick from Rocks-off LTD is a uniquely curved vibrator.  It is designed to insert one end for g-spot stimulation while the other end delivers vibration and stimulation to the clitoris.  It is made of 100% silicone that is firm yet flexible and feels nice to the touch.  The vibrations are provided by a bullet that is waterproof and removable.  The diameter of the vibe is 1.25 inches and the g-spot arm is 4 inches long. The bullet is turned on and off with a single press of the button on the end and has only one vibration setting and strength.  The vibration setting is a steady vibration that is about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with the Hitachi being a 10.

I love me some firm stimulation on my g-spot but I wasn’t sure how effective this would be with the feel of the silicone before use.  I was pleasantly surprised at how firm this felt!  The curved tip hits my spot perfectly on first insertion but goes beyond where I need it if I press to the base.  The clitoral arm has ridges on it to help with stimulation but the shape of it requires me to have to press down on it to get it to connect with my clit.  I actually don’t mind pressing down on it for this, but I found that using that handle to thrust with works even better.  Thrusting allows the curved tip to rub against my g-spot with more pressure.  I also tried using this in the sitting position, pressing the inserted arm all the way in and pressing the clitoral arm against me.  The only problem I had with using the Rock Chick in this way is that the back end of the bullet kind of stabs into the area right above my labia. So for me, the best way to use this is to insert and press the clit arm down while enjoying the internal vibrations on the g-spot or by using the clit arm as a handle to thrust with.

Now I know I’ve mentioned how I love storage containers that come with toys, so it should come as no surprise that I was happy about Rock Chick‘s packaging.  It comes in a hinged cardboard box with a clear plastic window so that you can see into the box and has a cut out in the shape of the Rock Chick so that it nestles inside.  The box is perfect for my storage needs because I have many silicone toys that I don’t want rubbing against each other.  Currently, my collection is inside a cedar chest in boxes and silicone toys are in storage bags or other bags to protect them.  This will stack nicely and keep my Rock Chick safe at the same time.

Speaking of keeping my Rock Chick safe, I also use only water-based lubricant with it to avoid any silicone to silicone interactions. To safely clean it, use warm water and anti-bacterial soap or remove the bullet and boil the silicone portion.  The bullet is waterproof, so for soap and water cleaning it is fine to leave it in.

If you like the look of the Rock Chick or just want to try something new get one from FunWares today!  Thank you to FunWares for providing this for review!

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