Fun Factory Angelo

Angelo is one of Fun Factory’s rechargeable vibes. It is 6.5 inches long from tip to bottom with 4.5 of those inches being insertable. The diameter of this little vibe is 1.5 inches at the widest point but tapers at the tip.  The body is made of silicone which is smooth and has a good amount of drag against the skin without lubricant.  The base is made of plastic and has no openings to allow this to be a rechargeable vibe.  The charger works on magnetic charging technology which connects through the base to recharge.  There are no ports to plug in to, so this is all water tight.

The controls on the Angelo are just above the base. There is a ‘+’ sign and a ‘-‘ sign that are stamped into the silicone over where the buttons are located. To turn the Angelo on, press and hold the ‘+’ sign for a couple of seconds. This will start a steady vibration. With each subsequent press of the ‘+’ sign the steady vibration increases. The highest vibration setting is pretty strong, I’d say an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being Hitachi strength. There area total of 8 vibrations intensities for the steady vibration and 3 additional different vibration patterns. They different patterns are all at the highest intensity. The three vibration patterns are a slow wave that starts off low and grows to high before a brief pause between the next wave, fast wave, and fast pulses. To get to the vibration patterns you have to go to the highest steady vibration setting and hold the ‘+’ button for a few seconds until it switches. Then press the plus key to get to the other two options. You can return to the steady vibrations at any time by pressing the ‘-‘ button. To turn the Angelo off you have press the ‘-‘ button until it goes to the lowest setting and then turns off. If you want to make this happen fast, you can press and hold the ‘-‘ button.

Now, enough about how this works. If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know that my Baby Bug vibe has been pretty useful in conjunction with other toys.  I love the silicone body, especially for use with hard surfaces like my Njoy Pure Wand because it transmits vibrations without creating a loud clattering.  The Angelo is the next generation of the Mini Vibes that Fun Factory offers, as it is rechargeable and the Baby Bug is battery operated. So, not only do I no longer have to have batteries on hand for my vibe, it also has a nice extra kick of power. The charger is amazing. It attaches magnetically and lights up while it charges. When it is fully charged, the light shuts off. Super easy.

The tip of the Angelo is flexible, so when I turn it up to a high setting it kind of reminds me of a turbo powered tongue flicking away at my clit. Of course, it can never replace the real thing, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling pretty freakin great. I find that I prefer the 6th highest steady vibration the most, the highest is just a bit too intense for me and the patterns are all at that intensity.  This vibe also feels amazing for insertion.  The smooth silicone glides in and provides amazing vibrations to the entrance of my vagina.  Its a little short for g-spot stimulation but that’s what I have my large collection of dildos for.  There are some raised portions on the vibe, but the texture isn’t very noticeable in my opinion.  I’ve used it in bed and in the shower and love it for both, but it is by far my favorite shower vibe of the ones I own.

So, sadly, this has replaced my Baby Bug, which is really only sad because I’m missing the lovely green color of my Bug. Care is simple, just wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap and be sure to only use water-based lubricants with it. Get your own Angelo from Good Vibes, a woman friendly sex toy store.  This strong, rechargeable, and easy to travel with vibe will quickly replace any battery operated vibes you currently use.  I’ll be taking my Angelo with me on a trip next week since it is so small and doesn’t require me to pack batteries!

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