Vibratex Remote Control Triple Stimulation Vibrator

Remote control toys have always appealed to me in that sense that someone else can be directly in control of the vibrations you experience.  There is definitely something hot about relinquishing control and when it comes to toy use isn’t very common for me.  Most often, I have the vibrator or dildo or whatever we’re using and manipulate it to get what I want and need from it.  So when Tabu Toys had this listed among the available items for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

This is the Vibratex Remote Control Triple Stimulation Vibrator which is made of a purple elastomer and comes with a pink plastic remote control. Elastomer is fairly common material used in the sex toy world, though silicone is quickly becoming the preferred material. It is more porous than silicone but less porous than some other materials. If you plan to share this with others, you should use a condom since it cannot be completely sterilized. The best way to clean an elastomer product is with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Both silicone and water-based lubes are compatible with this product.

The Vibratex Remote Control Triple Stimulation Vibrator comes in a clear plastic clam shell type container that has a cardboard insert listing the features. It comes with the battery for the remote (a special battery size of A23) but does not include the batteries for the vibrator (2 AA).  The underside of the vibrator houses the battery compartment (approximately 4 inches long and 1.25 inches tall) and also has a small black switch that has no markings to indicate what different positions do.  After placing the batteries inside and messing with the switch, I was able to turn the vibrator on with a press of the button the remote.  The vibrations didn’t seem very impressive when held in my hand and noise level wasn’t very loud.

The motor for the Vibratex Remote Control Triple Stimulation Vibrator is positioned in the 3.25 inch insertible arm to give maximum vibration when inserted. As you can see, there are little nubs on each of the arms and slightly differing shapes to the two arms.  There is no indication on the cardboard insert as to which arm is meant for clitoral and which for anal stimulation, so I decided to pick based on the shape of the bulbous portion of the vibe.  To get the most stimulation for my g-spot, I decided to insert with the bulged portion facing towards my belly button.  I also tried it facing the other direction, for posterity’s sake, but found the other way to work best.

This vibrator boasts a total of 10 different vibration options.  Here’s the break down:

1- Low steady vibration

2- Medium steady vibration

3- High steady vibration

4- High fast pulse

5- Short pulse, long pulse pattern

6- 2 short pulses, one long pulse

7- Scale of 5 increasing vibrations

8- Warbling vibration that starts out low and increases to high followed by two quick pulses, a continuation of the warbling increase that leads to a high steady vibration then 2 pulses before it starts over again.

9-Low warbling vibration that grows to high followed by 2 pules and then descends back to low.  Starts over after 2 pulses

10- 3 increasing pulses followed by an increasing warbling vibration

The remote is claimed to have a reach of 10 feet, so I happily tested this and found this to be accurate.  I actually got a few feet beyond that and was still able to get responses.  I also tested this through a bedroom door within 3 feet with perfect response and through the bedroom door/wall at 10 feet with perfect response.  I also figured out the different switch positions on the base.  The middle position is just ‘off’, the right position is for the high steady vibration with no remote response, and the left position turn it to receive signals from the remote.  The ‘left’ and ‘right’ direction are when holding the vibrator so that the switch is at the bottom.

Now, I mentioned earlier that the vibrations seemed rather unimpressive when I first held them in my hand, but that was because I was holding the base and had not yet learned where the motor was.  If you hold it by the top, the vibrations feel much stronger.   In use, I was quite surprised at this seemingly mild vibrator.  It isn’t very girthy so I wasn’t expecting a lot due to not getting a lot of pressure against my g-spot.  Well, these vibrations really do their job.  I found that I prefer the medium steady vibration (#2) and vibration pattern #8.  The rest still felt nice but these two had me melting.  It should be noted that you either have to cycle through all 10 vibrations to turn this off or remove it and move the switch to the center position.  While inserted, the vibrations feel 10x stronger than they do in my hand, they make me feel like my body is shaking from the inside out.  The vibrating noise is very low and not noticeable when inserted, so long as you aren’t somewhere super quiet it shouldn’t be a concern.  The base is actually quite comfortable the way it nestles between my labia as well, though I don’t really notice much from the nubs on it.  So, basically, a success.  I plan to take this on a few outings for some more experimentation, but thus far find it to be quite enjoyable.

Want to have your own remote control fun? Order your own Vibratex Remote Control Triple Stimulation Vibrator from Tabu Toys and let the fun begin!

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