Xar the Karabos

The next toy up from Bad Dragon is the Xar the Karabos in the large size with a 8 firmness (hardest firmness, often compared to an erect penis).  My Xar was one that I picked up from the mid-July flop sale and the flop reason was listed as ‘test casting’.  One of the shop dragons said it was probably an early casting from before the Xar was released.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and trust me, my mind was coming up with all kinds of possibilities!  My partner/cawk sponsor actually ordered this for me.  I was at work at the time and texting him about the sale feeling all urgent and rushed because things go FAST during the flop sales.  He wasn’t feeling the pressure, but it all worked out okay in the end.  I ended up getting a large Xar for half the price!  I still wanted desperately to know what it looked like and I ended up veeery happy.  It turned out to be a GREEN Xar! GREEN!!  Here are some pics for you…cuz I don’t think you appreciate the green-ness yet.


That bottle in the picture is a standard 8 oz. water bottle, to give you an idea of the size of the large.  But, also, I’ve included the chart with the dimensions below.  You can choose from four sizes and pretty much any color (with possible additional charges) as well as the addition of a cumtube and/or suction cup.

In use: I’ve only used this vaginally. I can’t even fathom using it anally. It is huge! And I love it. The first time I used it, I warmed up with an orgasm credited to the Hitachi, then used the Vixskin Maverick (2 inch diameter) to further warm up, and THEN lubed this beast up for its turn. I swear to god, the pop of that head sliding in is AMAZING. I didn’t think I’d get very far, but based on pics I took for my partner/cawk sponsor I got all the way to halfway down the knot (sorry, in use pics are reserved for him). I continued to use the Hitachi (MUST HAVE CLIT STIM) and came for the second time pretty hard. The second use, I didn’t use a stretching dildo and only made it to the top of the knot but also resulted in an amazing orgasm. And the third use….I used lube, the Hitachi, and I was pretty drunk, but I ended up 3/4 of the way down the knot. I WILL conquer this beast!! My partner loves watching me fuck myself with it. I’m pretty surprised at how much I can take, but it makes me feel better about the medium Were I have coming.

In summary, this takes plenty of lube and a bit of patience. Don’t rush it, know your body and its limits. I have a tendency to acclimate to size very quickly, both vaginally and anally, so my experience may not be yours! If you think you’re ready for a challenge, this will give it while also giving amazing pleasure!!

As with all Bad Dragon packages, this came in an unmarked brown box. There is no indication of what is inside and they use the smallest box possible, sometimes seemingly defying the laws of physics.  My Xar also came with a sample disc in the 3 firmness. The 3 feels very squishy and I have to agree that the ‘boobs’ comparison is pretty close. My sample disc is a kind of flesh colored peach, but they come in all colors. These are silicone toys, so be sure to use only water-based lubes on them and follow the same cleaning guidelines you follow for any other silicone toys, i.e. washing with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, clean it with a 10% bleach solution, wash it in the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap, or boil it for sterilization.

Pick out your own custom cock from Bad Dragon and give yourself a challenge with something unique.  If you aren’t sure about firmness, pick up a sample disc pack before you order.

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  5. Wooof. I bow down to the awesomeness that is your pussy. I know I definitely couldn’t handle a toy that large.

    Also, that shade of green is so freaking gorgeous! Why do more toy makes not recognize that green is infinitely more epic than pink or purple?

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  13. Steven

    where can i buy a XAR toy in South africa

    • The only place the Xar is available is through Bad Dragon. They ship internationally, so as long as your country allows these types of products to be imported, you can definitely get one!

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