Bad Dragon Elden the Faerie Dragon

Small, Medium, and Large Faerie Dragon

Very recently, I was browsing another blogger’s reviews (TruePleasures) when I stumbled upon a company I was unfamiliar with: Bad Dragon. In case you’re as clueless as I was, Bad Dragon is a company that makes silicone sex toys based on different species of animals, both real and mythical. They have all kinds of different dragon cocks, naturally, as well as horse, dog, werewolf (review to come!!), gryphons, and other creatures. They don’t just have dildos either, they also have some masturbation sleeves for men, their own lube, and other accessories. What’s unique, other than the designs themselves, is that every item is made to order. You can literally make a dildo your own by choosing what colors and firmness you want as well as the option to add a cumtube (tube that runs through the toy to shoot lube out the tip) or suction cup. It does add to the wait a bit since each is made to order, but it also makes the toy that much more special.

Occasionally, Bad Dragon will have a surplus of toys that just didn’t quite pass the inspection process but not defective in a way that prevents it from being used. They save these ‘flops’ and when they have a good amount they sell them at a discount. That is how I came to own my very first Bad Dragon toy, a small Elden the Faerie Dragon.  The flop sales can be a little hectic because they go fast, but I managed to snag this one at a discount for some minor cosmetic flaws.

As you can see in the picture on the right, there are some tiny popped bubbles on the underside of the knot. Very minor and not noticeable during use at all. Since this is a flop, I didn’t get to choose the colors but I do love the pretty darker lavender to pink purple fade and the green base. This is the small Faerie in an ‘8’ firmness, which is the hardest firmness. I’ve seen the different firmnesses described as ‘8’ being like an erect cock, ‘5’ like a flexed forearm, and ‘3’ like boobs. So far, I’m only familiar with the ‘8’.

There are currently 3 sizes available in Elden the Faerie Dragon, small, medium, and large. Here are the measurements for each:

And a comparison pic of the small Faerie next to a soda can:

And now to the fun part! The measurements and size of the small
Elden the Faerie Dragon may look pretty unimpressive, but don’t judge them based on looks alone!  First off, I was surprised by how tiny the box it came in was.  It was only  6.25 X 3.25 X 3.50 inches and snugly tucked inside was the Faerie along with a receipt.  The outside of the box has no indication of where it is from or what’s inside, so no worries there.  I pulled it out of its plastic bag and immediately started squeezing it to see how ‘hard’ an ‘8’ really was.  It is surprisingly very squishy, more so in the smaller tip than in the thicker parts, but there is still give there as well.  I wasn’t sure if the size would do anything for me but I decided to give it a chance.  The texture of the shaft felt great sliding in and the further in it got, the fuller and more stretched I became.  The knot is definitely the widest point on the toy and as I thrust the toy in and out I worked towards conquering it.  As easy as it looks, I still had to work for it a bit.  I finally got the bulk of it in and continued to use a vibrator on my clit, as per my usual and was having a pretty freaking great orgasm before long.

It seems that every company’s silicone feels a  little different and I have to say I love Bad Dragon‘s.  The squishiness just feels amazing.  Just as with other silicone, this warms quickly to your body temp or the temperature of warm water if you run it under it before play.  I’m excited to try bigger sized toys from them, but I won’t be parting with my small Faerie any time soon.

To clean your silicone Bad Dragon toy, you can use warm water and anti-bacterial soap, a 10% bleach solution, boiling, or washing in the top rack of your dishwasher (no soap).

There are still a few flops left if you want to snag one of your own or you can take the plunge and customize your own toy.  If you aren’t sure about what firmness you want, check out the sample discs available in the accessories section.


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  3. Aw, it’s so damn cute! (And omg, I am so jealous you have a werewolf toy of theirs as well!)

    • I know!! Its so adorable! My werewolf is still being made…but it will be mine before long! I did just get a large Xar the Karabos from the recent flop sale though. It is huge and wonderfully green!

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  9. love it! i will have to check out that site. i read True Pleasure talking about them all the time and just browsed the store.

    Triple X Mama

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