Kama Sutra Love Liquid

Kama Sutra Love Liquid is the next lube I’ve taken on in the search for the perfect lube.  This is also a water-based lubricant, which has been my focus thus far since I have so many silicone toys. This one has been provided by the wonderful folks at Funwares. They have wonderful customer service and ship orders quickly and discreetly.  But back to the product in question….

This is the classic version of the line and comes in a 3.4 fl oz. light purple plastic container. The container is about 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide and has a flip top for dispensing.  The overall design has a nice classy look to it and doesn’t easily give away its purpose unless you read the print.

The ingredients of Kama Sutra Love Liquid are water, glycerine, propylene glycol, hydroxy ethylcellulose, tetrasodium EDA, citric acid, and sodium benzoate.  Glycerine can be a problem for women with sensitive bits due to the sugar properties of it.  If you are prone to yeast infections, you may want to steer clear or test this a bit before diving in head first.  I personally had no problems as a result of using this.

Now down to the functionality of the lube.  This isn’t a thick or viscous lube, it is actually quite watery.  If you shake the container you can even hear it sloshing around inside.  Care is needed when applying this to toys, otherwise you will spill it on more than just your toy.  The good news is that this is a non-staining lube, so if you do spill, its no big deal.  Because of the thinness of the lube, I find it easiest to pour a little bit onto one part of my dildo and then slick it down the toy with my hand to spread it.  If you use this technique, you may want to keep a towel handy to wipe your hand off with.

With this as thin as it is, I really didn’t have high expectations of how it was going to work during use.  I was pleasantly surprised though.  I used this with smaller toys and larger toys (think 2″ diameter) and both silicone and plastic.  All materials worked great with it!  I did the same test I do with every lube I try: rubbing it between 2 fingers to see how fast it absorbs.  This stuff outlasted any lube I’ve ever done this test with by at least 2 minutes.  Which means that when combined with any natural wetness, this lube lasts forever.  There is no smell to the lube, but it does have a slightly sweet taste.  Also, as with other water-based lube, this can be reactivated with water or saliva.

Clean up is easy with this water-based lube.  It washes away with water and soap which I find necessary because it does feel a bit sticky when it dries on skin.

Looking for a long lasting water-based lubricant?  Need a lube safe for your silicone toys? Kama Sutra Love Liquid could be your perfect lube. Pick up a bottle from Funwares while checking out their other great deal!

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  11. Even if this lube didn’t work well, I would still get it! I love the packaging! I’m such a sucker for cute packaging. Total bonus. It looks really expensive and sexy. I’ll have to check this out. thank you!

    Triple X Mama

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