Evolved Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing

Evolved Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing is such a big name for such a small thing.  How small?  About 2.5 inches small.  I love vibrators and dildos, but bullets also have a place in my play time.  Finding a bullet powerful enough to be useful can be a challenge, though.  Based solely on the size, I was skeptical but Evolved has surprised me.

First off, lets cover the basics!  This 2.5 x .75 bullet is made of plastic that has a satin finish that feels nice and velvety to touch.  It runs on 3 watch batteries but actually comes with 6, so you have a back up set.  The bullets are under the plastic piece that the bullet sits in inside its box. The bullet is waterproof, which I find very useful during cleaning and has 5 different settings.  The vibrations are of the high and buzzy variety and are loud for the size but not loud in general.  The power and control are in one button on the base of the bullet.  To turn the bullet on, press the button until you come to the vibration setting you want.  You must cycle through all five settings before it will turn off.

What settings do you get?:

1. Steady- medium intensity

2. Steady – High intensity

3. Pulse- half second pulses in high intensity

4. Pulse- very fast pulses in high intensity

5. Short pulse, Long pulse-short pulse is medium intensity, long pulse is high intensity.

This bullet packs a good punch and is ideal for clit stimulation.  It can also be used on the nipples and other erogenous zones for pinpoint stimulation.  I would say the high intensity vibration is about and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Now, on to the use.  I love clitoral stimulation and often have both hands full, one with a dildo for internal stimulation and the other with a vibrator for my clit.  Sometimes, the bullets I use have silicone parts and are on the longer side.  Most of the dildos I use (except for the Pure Wand) are silicone so sometimes I worry about a silicone bullet coming into contact with a silicone dildo while I’m toying.  That isn’t a concern with this little bullet, not only because of the material it is made from, but also from the tiny size of it.  I can basically fit this snugly between my labia to nestle against my clit and get amazing stimulation.  The hard plastic allows for me to get the pressure I desire and the smooth surface feels nice sliding across my clit.  I love to use bullets alone with dildos but also during partner sex, especially anal.  The size of Evolved Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing is great for this because it isn’t distracting at all.  My preferred vibration setting is the 2nd steady vibration in the high intensity.  Sometimes bullets aren’t quite strong enough and require me to rub them and just really work for my orgasm but that is not the case with this bullet.

Since this is waterproof, clean up is a snap.  I prefer to wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.  This is a quick an easy way to clean the bullet between uses.

If this sounds like the bullet you need for your play, pick one up today from FunWares! They also have the Evolved Speeding Bullets Hollow Points if you’d like something with a little texture. As with all their packages, your bullet will ship in a discreet box that has no indication of where it is coming from or what is inside.  Plus, FunWares often has the lowest prices around!  Thanks to FunWares for providing this for an honest review!

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