David the Werewolf

Another beautiful piece of usable art from the people at Bad Dragon, this is David the Werewolf.  As with all their toys, you can customize your toy to any color, choose from 3 firmness options, add a suction cup, or a cumtube.  My Werewolf is the medium size in the ‘8’ firmness (hardest firmness, compared to an erect cock) with no suction cup or cumtube.

This was actually ordered for my by a dear friend as a sort of surprise. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to buy me a werewolf cock and he said ‘send me the link’. I almost fell out of my chair! And then he said ‘Do you want the large?’ My vag screamed in horror and tried to hide because I had yet to get my large Karabos that was available in a flop sale after this order was placed (it should be noted that he also got me the large Karabos…he has much faith in my vag’s abilities but I have discovered he isn’t wrong). So I said no, let’s go with a medium. Orange is his favorite color and I quite like it as well, so when he asked what color I wanted I said to surprise me, but hey, they have orange as a standard color…He just laughed and said I knew what color I was gonna end up with if there was orange. The order was placed on June 27th. He had no trouble using the current ordering system and had his confirmation email as soon as it was placed.

It was about 2 weeks til the toy made it into the manufacturing queue (when the toy is being poured) and then it finally shipped to me on July 28th. I was definitely compulsively refreshing the tracking screen and thought I’d miss the UPS guy before delivery but he happened to come by my house early this time. I was able to open it and admire it before I had to leave for work. And of course send pics of it to my friend.

Photobucket          Photobucket         Photobucket
Now on to the use of it. I’ve only used my Were vaginally and really don’t foresee that changing. It isn’t as big as my large Karabos but it is still a bit of a beast. The head is so deliciously thick at the edges of it that I get a very satisfying ‘pop’ when it slides in. The head rubs my g-spot wonderfully and feels great when thrusting. The body feels smooth with light texture from the veins. The first time I used this, I used it in the shower and I loved it! I used Maximus lube with it and had my Fun Factory Angelo for clitoral stimulation. I was able to get about halfway down knot using it in the standing position. Seriously, I didn’t even care about the knot that first time, I just wanted to thrust and feel how great if felt sliding in and out. I also tried it laying down on my bed, also using Maximus and the Angelo. The head still feels amazing sliding in the first time in this position but I found it a bit more challenging to get the Were as deep. With some more clit stimulation and gentle easing I finally knotted this bad boy! It was such a good full feeling coupled with a sense of accomplishment but once I had done it I was ready for the thrusting I loved during the shower session.
I think for me, this is best used for thrusting and feeling full from the large head until I’m fully aroused and then I can try for the knot. I’m taking this out with me when I go visit my friend so he can check out what he bought me and I’m sure he’ll get some up close and personal in-use views. He may just decide I need a large after all!

Here are the specs for the different sizes of the Were:


As far as care, this silicone can be cleaned like any other silicone.  You can wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, boil it for 3 minutes, or toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher without soap.  Make sure you store it so that it isn’t touching other silicone products and use only water-based lubricants.

Pick out your next custom toy from Bad Dragon. There is something for everyone and you can truly make your toy personalized.


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