Bondage for Sex

Bondage is kind of a taboo topic in our culture still, despite the leaps and bounds that we’ve made towards accepting different types of sexuality and ways to express it.  I, personally, find bondage to be sexy and love both being bound and binding another person.  There is something to be said for being in control but even more for being able to submit completely to someone.  Finding a partner that you trust enough to make you physically vulnerable can be a challenge but can be so rewarding.
Fascinations offered this book, Bondage For Sex by Chanta Rose, and it immediately appealed to me.  As you can see from the cover picture, this book is about rope bondage but it isn’t just a simple how-to book.  Chanta Rose starts the book off by explaining what bondage is to her and how she became involved and experienced it throughout her life.  The next section of the book is a little introduction to the reasons people enjoy bondage which is followed by a brief section on the different types of bondage.  After each type is described, the author then discusses things you should consider and supplies you should get before you start your journey into rope bondage.

The first thing to consider is safety.  You should have a consenting partner who is aware of what you will be doing.  You should have discussed your limits (for each of you) and desires.  You should establish a safe word and be willing to use it.  Also, Chanta advises against bondage while under the influence.  One of the first supplies that you need to consider is the type of rope you are going to get.  There are tons of different types so Chanta only covers the most common used in rope bondage (nylon, cotton, and hemp).  The above picture shows the different ways that rope ends can be ‘finished’, which largely depends on the type of rope you’re using.  Chanta also discusses some basic knots that you can use for bondage (pictured below) as well as the terminology that she uses throughout the book.

The last portion of this section includes a few of the potential injuries that can result from bondage play and ways to avoid and watch for them.  There is also a list of supplies that you should have on hand such as EMT scissors, water, and a first aid kit, to name a few.

The final 110 pages of this 133 page book are dedicated to seven different ties and variations of them.  You don’t just get written instructions on how to tie your partner up though, there are pictures to show you exactly how it should look. You get to see the hands as you tie the rope, with step by step directions, but you also get to see how the rope should wrap around and bind the body of your partner.  The directions are all straight forward and clear, easy to understand.  Maybe its just because I find this kind of stuff to be hot already, but the pictures are amazing!

The different tying positions that Chanta tells about and shows us are: the basic spread eagle, crab tie, chest harness and frog tie, open leg pile driver, crossed arm tie, edge of bed fuck, and headboard bondage.  Each of these has at least one variation as well.  The basic spread eagle has instructions for a variation with the legs pulled back, crab tie’s variation is doggy style, harness and frog tie has three variations: adding breast bondage, arms by side, and cross-legged bondage, open leg pile driver’s variation is closed legs, crossed arm tie has a leg tie variation, the edge of bed fuck has two variations: wrist to ankles, and strapado, and the headboard bondage shows you how to tie for oral sex, missionary or doggy style.  So really, you are getting 18 different positions with written and pictorial directions.  Below are some more of the wonderful pictures that you’ll find throughout the book.

Want to see more? Get your copy of Bondage For Sex from a trustworthy sex toy store and start learning how to tie your partner down right!

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  4. I own this book and adore it! The photographs are really helpful, and I love that they’re gorgeous and sexy without being pornographic.

    Thanks for a great review!


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