Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission

I’ve already written about how much I love stories of submission, but for any of my new readers…I love them!  I was pretty excited to see that the two books for Eden Fantasys Naked Reader Book Club this month are BOTH about submission.  The books are Please, Sir which contains stories about female submission and Please, Ma’am which is full of stories about male submission.  I will be reviewing both books this month starting with Please, Sir.

As you can see from the picture, the cover is not discreet…but it is pretty hot.  I love the outfit, make-up and hair of the woman on the cover.  She looks sexy and naughty and just the kind of girl that needs a little spanking from her dominant.  But, as I said, this is not discreet.  Most people will be able to tell very quickly from looking at the cover what is going on between the pages of this book.  The book is a paperback, of the shiny thick card stock variety.  There are a total of 213 pages in this book, including the sections about the authors and editors.  Both Please, Sir and Please, Ma’am were edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell.

There are a total of 22 stories in the book, all by different authors.  The characters range from bratty girls asking for a spanking with their naughty behavior to reluctant seeming professionals who’s men know what they need for true release.  The stories take place at home, in public, and anywhere in between.  Sometimes the stories focus only on the mental control developed between two long-time partners while others are all about the physical experience.  Rachel Kramer Bussell usually puts together a pretty good mix of stories and this book is no exception.  Now on to a few of my favorites!

Avery Says by Sommer Marsden

Avery is at a Christmas party with her husband when she insults him in front of two relatives.  She does this knowing, or at least hoping, what it will bring about.  Her mouth has a history of getting her in to trouble and this is no exception.  On the car ride home, her husband builds the anticipation.  Once they get there, Avery gets a bit of surprise and unexpected thrill.  Her husband makes her lay across his lap for her spanking outside their house where any neighbor could see.  Avery gets her spanking and then her husband takes her inside for more.  Avery’s unexpected thrill of getting caught added an extra edge to her pleasure.


Long Time Gone by Heidi Champa

The main character (never named) has received her 10 year college reunion invitation and decides to go for one reason and one reason only: Ethan.  She meets Ethan in college and instantly is attracted to him.  They date for a while before one day he shows up to her dorm room expecting her ready and waiting when she is not.  This is her first taste of submission.  Ethan spanks her for her transgression and she finds a release she has never experienced.  After college, they lost touch and she dated several men but none were ever to really give her what she wanted, what she needed.  So she goes to the reunion…and Ethan is there.  They go to a hotel room and it is as if no time has passed.


Power Over Power by Emerald

Jackie is a student in Dominic’s Krav Maga class and has found herself fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck him.  She shows up for a Saturday morning class and ends up being the only one there.  The two decide to go through the workout and Jackie has a hard time focusing, especially when Dominic puts his hands on her for practicing moves.  He goes into a storage room to get some gloves and Jackie follows him in to tell him what she wants.  Jackie gets everything she wanted and more.  There are some very hot moves in this story and I really don’t want to spoil them…so you’ll have to read it if you wanna know more.

Pleasure Keeper by Charlotte Stein

This story is about a different kind of submission and dominance.  Kit has been around her best friend’s brother a million times but one day she wanders into his bedroom and everything changes.  Their relationship begins to edge into different territory.  Kit has been with other guys and expects a certain formulaic response when they start kissing but soon finds that he isn’t like other guys.  He moves at his own pace, making Kit wait..and wait…and wait until she thinks she is going to lose her mind.  He is in control and he isn’t ready for her to be satisfied yet.  After many, many make out sessions, he finally grants her the thing she has been craving and obeying his command to wait makes it the most intense feeling she has ever had.

Walking the Sub by Salome Wilde

Master has Pet get him dressed and then collars her and dresses her in a simple button up shirt with only a few buttons buttoned and nothing else underneath it.  He tells her that she has earned a treat and takes her outside where he asks her to pick up his paper in her revealing outfit.  She nervously picks up the paper and gives it to him before they climb in the car to go for a ride.  Playing the part of pet she hangs her out the window and barks and plays with a dog in a neighboring car.  Their final destination is a park by a lake.  Master takes her out on her leash to an area that can be viewed by men fishing at the lake and blows her master before getting fucked in a hot scene.  After her Master comes all over her he has her run nude out after a twig that he has tossed into the lake.  The men fishing get a shock and an eyeful before Pet makes her way back and shakes water from her naked body.  This story also contains some spanking and verbal control.  The best part, though, is the sheer joy you can sense from the Pet for being able to please her master as they both want and need.

Your Hand On My Neck by Rachel Kramer Bussell

This is an extremely hot and personal feeling story.  The main character (female) is describing the feelings she has when her male dominant chokes her and the various things he does to her.  This is like an inside peak into the head space that all subs enter into when they get dominated right.  The feelings of release and being at the mercy of someone else, someone you can trust are amazing and Rachel Kramer Bussell translates them beautifully and in an intense and sexy way.  At times, the intensity of the female subs feelings edged on making me uncomfortable, but only because I  felt as though she were pulling things from my own mind.  Easily my favorite story in the book.

So that wraps up my favorites from the book…though I was hard-pressed not to include a few more.  In comparison to last month’s He’s On Top, this book is not at all about the romantic side of dominance and submission.  This is all about being dominated, different ways to be dominated, and where it takes you.  If you’d like a copy of Please, Sir or other erotic books check out EdenFantasys selection.

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  1. I picked this up last time I was in my brick-and-mortar shop and it hasn’t let me down since. I love the stories that are included and a few times, M has made me read my favourites to him out loud 🙂

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