Leo by Vixen Creations

The Leo by Vixen Creations is a beautiful, orgasmically curved dildo made of premium silicone.  It has a realistically shaped head that includes a wrinkled portion under the head to simulate foreskin.   Leo measures in at approximately 7 inches long and has a nice, large, flared base. The girth of Leo is a nice 1.5 filling inches that left me with no complaints. Now, I know I said before that I am a green girl through and through, but I adore the purple of Vixen Creations silicone.  It isn’t pastel and it isn’t plain, flat, purple.  This is beautiful marbled, shiny, almost metallic purple.  I guess really purple is my other favorite color anyways, but not really when it comes to sex toys.  The feel of the silicone is smooth with some drag when you run unlubricated skin across it.  In comparison with other silicone toys, Leo feels a bit more squishy when squeezed but if you press down on the tip you’ll find that Leo is firmer when pressed from the top.  This is a feature that, in my opinion, really makes Leo world-rocking.  The head is pronounced enough to feel during insertion and removal but that’s about all you can feel during use as far as texture goes.  When you hold Leo in your hand there are a few other textural features that you may notice.   This realistic dildo has two vein-like ridges, one on top and one on bottom.  They are subtle during use but if you are gripping the body, you’ll be able to feel them.  You can also feel the wrinkles of the foreskin easily with fingers, though not so much during use.

So, obviously, Leo is a dildo and has an amazing curve that hits the g-spot dead on.  This dildo can be used vaginally, as I prefer, but the large flared base also makes it safe for anal play if you feel so inclined.  I’m not personally to that level of anal play, so I didn’t test Leo out anally.  My personal favorite use for the flared base is as a thrusting handle, as the silicone does get slippery when lubricated.  The base also has a suction cup that works best on flat surfaces.  I tested it out on a few different type surfaces (wood, glass, bath tub) and it really works best on the surface of a bathtub type material.  Make sure when you’re ready to pull it off you lift at the base where its suctioned onto the surface so you don’t risk damaging the shaft of the toy.

So how do all these features work in practice?  Amazingly! When I use Leo, I get a nice full feeling and the silicone warms up nicely to lend a more realistic feel to the dildo.  The curve of the shaft hits the g-spot and firmly rubs it in the most delightful way.  I’ve had other silicone dildos, like the Acute by Tantus, that have similar curves but just didn’t have enough firmness to do much for my g-spot.  Not so with the Leo!  My favorite way to use the Leo is with a vibrator for clitoral stimulation.  I use one hand to keep the vibrator pressed against my clit and the other to grasp the base of Leo and thrust until I come so hard!  Another nice thing about this silicone is that it transmits vibration well, so if you really want some vibration with your Leo, you can feel it if you place a reasonably powerful vibe against the base.  There’s also the Leo Vibe Kit if vibration is something that is really important to you.

Here’s a close up of the tip of Leo so you can kind of see the wrinkled foreskin.  This picture also shows the pretty marbled purple of the silicone really well.

To keep your Leo in great condition for a long time, you should clean it with soap and water or by boiling it for 3 minutes.  Vixen Creations also recommends that you store their dildos in the clear tube that they ship them in to help keep their shape.  Also, make sure you don’t use any silicone based lubricants with this dildo to avoid any unforeseen interactions and keep the Leo away from other silicone toys.  Using the clear tube as recommended for storage is a great way to make sure it is safe from contact with other toys.

If you’re interested in the Leo, it’s available at many online retailers like Babeland Toys who has an amazing selection of Sex Toys.

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