Hitachi Magic Wand

Can you believe that I’ve been using sex toys for ten years and never have gotten my hands on the Hitachi?  I mean, there are whole groups of women who swear by this thing, it has been publicized as the ultimate orgasm machine, and I never bought it.  I did have a Fairy Mini which is basically a smaller version of the Hitachi but it died after nearly a year of daily use.  Recently, I won a set of Tenga Eggs from FunWares who suggested that I try the eggs out on my Hitachi.  Well, I had to admit that I didn’t have one…but the idea of using these eggs as a sleeve?  It spurred me on to remedy this.  So I managed to acquire my own Hitachi and let the fun begin.

First off, this thing is huge!  It is marketed as and designed as a personal massager for your aches and pains.  It even has a handy pamphlet with a diagram that points out all the places you can use the Hitachi (the genital area is conspicuously left out of those places).  So the size makes sense for the ‘intended’ purpose of this massager. The body measures at approximately 9 inches all by itself.  Then add about an inch of a neck and then 2.5 inches for the vibrating tip, and you’ve got nearly 13 inches to maneuver.  The cord of the Hitachi is a generous 6 feet long, so you can definitely get it to where you need it.

In the sex toy world, smaller seems to equal better so long as power isn’t sacrificed.  This is the one toy that is forgiven for being as big as it is by nearly every person who has tried it.  This is one powerful vibrator.  That’s not news to anyone in the sex toy world, but to give you an idea of how powerful this thing is…I reliably have orgasms with it in under 4 minutes and can do that back to back to b back.  And that is all on the low setting.  I haven’t even gone near the high setting!

So the wonder of the Hitachi has been proven to me, hands down.   This is an intense and reliable vibrator that gets me off every single time and leaves me tingly in a nice way.  But how does it fare with the addition of the Tenga Eggs as a sleeve?  One of the things I love about the Hitachi, other than the amazing power it boasts, is that the vibrating portion is firm enough to allow me to put the pressure i prefer on my clit.  The Tenga eggs make this feel even better.  The soft silicone of the eggs creates a cloud-like cushion against my vag and the texture of the sleeve designed to stimulate the cock during masturbation actually work the same for my clit.  The current egg I have on my Hitachi (size and shape of the eggs fits perfectly over the tip) is the Wavy texture which has raised ridges. The ridges vibrate from the intensity of the Hitachi and give almost the sensation that you’d get from a rabbit vibrator.  I can’t get over how soft and amazing the sleeve feels against my skin!

I’m glad that I finally have a Hitachi and love the variety that the Tenga Eggs give it. If you already have a Hitachi, give the eggs a try! Thanks for the idea and for giving me the nudge I needed to get the Hitachi in my hands, FunWares!

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