Jopen Vr9

The Jopen Vr9 is a dual motored silicone vibrator that comes in a color that can only be described as neon purple.  It’s not regular purple.  It’s bright, glowing purple that tends more toward the fuchsia end of the color scale.  From tip to tip, this vibrator is about 10 inches long.  The smaller tip is about 1 inch in diameter and the larger end is about 1.5 inches in diameter.  The curved tips are meant to be ideal for g-spot stimulation during insertion.  The silicone is smooth and velvety with a small seam that run around the entire vibrator right down the middle.  The seam is undetectable during use.

Now, when I look at this vibrator I can’t help but see one thing.  That gracefully curved neck that leads to the small head looks uncannily like the Loch Ness monster.  Even the lower portion where the vibrator starts to thicken fits the image.  It looks like the base of the thickening neck while the rest o Nessie stays under water.  Despite this resemblance, I managed to give the Vr9 a fair try.  To go along with this imagery, the charging port has been placed right in the middle of the vibe.  I seriously can’t stop thinking about this little circle as a belly button, though I guess it would be weird for the Loch Ness monster to have a belly button on his neck.  The charging port has a small indentation in the center of the surrounding circle that is the size of the prong on the charger.  You just push against the silicone there and it slides in.  Somehow, a way that is beyond my meager understanding, this little hole seals back enough when it is unplugged to make this waterproof.  When the Vr9 is charging, a red light is lit and turns off when it is fully charged.

On the other side of the vibrator from the charging port are two raised buttons.  The buttons control the motors for the two different ends.  To turn the Vr9 on, you just press one of the buttons which will light up red.  To increase the strength of the vibration, just press and hold until you reach your desired level.  You can have one or both of the motors running at the same time.  The strength of the vibrations starts out at ‘meh’ mild and goes to ‘whoa!’ high and buzzy.  To turn off either motor, just push the button again.  You can also lock this vibrator for travel purposes by holding both buttons down for 4 seconds at the same time.

The first time I tried the Vr9, I used it as a clitoral stimulator.  I used the larger end as a handle and turned only the smaller end’s motor on.  The curved tip nestles nicely around my clit and is firm enough to allow me to put the kind of pressure I like on my clit.  Using the Vr9 in this way is slightly awkward though because of the length of the vibrator.  I also found that I had to be careful not to hit the buttons that are placed right in the middle of this thing since I had to move my hand lower to hold it easier.  I also tried using the bigger end for clit stimulation but it didn’t nestle as well.

For insertion, I like to apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to help the silicone glide against my skin.  At first, I thought that the length of this vibe was going to be awkward for insertion too, but that didn’t end up being the case.  The curved tip finds my g-spot pretty well and the body is firm enough for me to be able to thrust this against it.  I found that if I had already had a clitoral orgasm it was easier to find my g-spot with this small head.  I turned both motors on to medium high vibration settings and rocked and thrust that tip against my g-spot hard and fast.  The first time I tired it, I accidentally hit the power button for the smaller end and shut it off.  This was when I was still struggling with the length.  Once I figured out that this worked better if I used the small amount of flexibility in the body of the vibe to bend the bigger end to hit my clit while I thrust, the buttons were no longer in the way.  There’s plenty of power to this vibe and the shape and materials are great but for some reason it seemed like it took me a little longer than normal to get off.  The shape is nice enough that I even enjoy this without vibrations, but I love the buzzing on my clit.  The bigger end is nice for providing a more fuller feeling but didn’t give me much g-spot simulation and using the smaller end to thrust with felt awkward.

The Vr9 also comes with a black drawstring bag that says ‘Jopen’ on it. The bag is great for storing (this silicone does attract lint and hair) or for traveling with. I tend to have more than one silicone toy when I travel, so the bag helps me feel reassured that it isn’t going to get damaged from silicone to silicone contact. If you do get a lot of lint on yours, you can just wash it off with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.  Also, make sure you don’t use any silicone-based lubricants with this vibrator to avoid any material interactions.

So I like the Vr9, I do.  It’s waterproof, rechargeable, body safe, and pretty powerful.  But it only comes in one god awful color and only has steady vibrations.  I can’t get behind the high price tag on this vibe.  If you love strong steady vibrations and need a good curve to hit your g-spot, this is a great eco-friendly option but it doesn’t have a ton of variety going on.

If you’d like to get your own Jopen Vr9 or other vibrators from the Jopen line, head over to Babeland where you can find a wide selection of eco-friendly sex toys.  Thank you Babeland for sending me this for review!

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