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I love getting new things to try out and, luckily, reviewing allows me that opportunity quite often.  This week I got a box full of goodies from Babeland.  One of the the things in that box was a medium sized Pop Plug.  The Pop Plugs come in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large) and I picked the medium because I’m not an anal beginner but wasn’t sure I was ready for the large.  Another reason I chose the medium is because the largest plug’s diameter is 1.5 inches and I have a plug that size, so this is a nice intermediate size for my ‘collection’.

I guess I should actually TELL you the size since I keep going on about it.  The medium sized plug is 1.25 inches in diameter at the widest point and 2.5 inches long.  The only color available is this light baby pink, which isn’t really my thing but it isn’t like I can see it when I’m using it.  The silicone is mostly firm and gives only slightly when I squeeze the bulbous part.  The ring at the bottom is flexible but doesn’t stretch when pulled on.  The silicone feels nice and smooth to the touch.  There is a seam that runs around the middle (long ways) of the plug that can be seen and felt with my finger but isn’t noticeable during use.

When I use the Pop Plug, I apply about a dime size amount of BabeLube Natural water-based lubricant to the tip first.  The tip is small enough to ease insertion and the taper up to the larger size allows for me to easily take this plug.  The flared base works great for pressing against for insertion.  The diameter is small and comfortable but still big enough to feel filling.  I wore this around the house for a while and went out to get some dinner with it in.  It was pretty comfortable for the most part.  I couldn’t help feeling a little bit paranoid about the small base on this but it never felt like it was going to slip inside of me.  The base was actually more comfortable than some others between my ass cheeks.  It was hardly noticeable when I was moving around.  When it came time to remove the plug, the silicone ring felt strong and didn’t stretch too much.  It returned to the original shape after removal and didn’t seem stretched out at all.  The one thing I wished was different on this plug would maybe be a little bit longer neck between the plug and base.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I think it would give me a little more peace of mind with maybe about a half an inch extra in the neck.

Using this plug for more than just warm up or wearing for a while turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  The lube that was so helpful for insertion kind of became my enemy during masturbation.  I used a vibrator on my clit and in my vag with this plug in and found that the plug would work its way out.  Pop out, if you will.  It fell out twice during my solo session and after the second time, I wasn’t interested in messing with it anymore.  The plug fell out about 15 to 20 min in to my 40 minute jack off session and then again about 5 minutes before I stopped after orgasm #2.  It was moderately annoying to be interrupted to put it back in.  It did feel great when it stayed in, though.  I’m not sure if a longer neck would have been helpful with this or if I just need a larger plug.  I tend to warm up very easily and quickly for bigger things, so this could just be a personal anatomy issue.

The BabeLube Natural made inserting the plug very easy.  The silicone material becomes very slick with lube, but make sure it’s water-based lube so you don’t accidentally damage your plug.  To clean your plug, you can wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap if your only using it on yourself or you can boil it to sterilize it.  Silicone is non-porous, super body safe, and one of my favorite materials in sex toys.  It warms up nicely to your body temperature during use as well.

I’d say this is a great intermediate plug for anyone looking to advance in their anal play.  It probably won’t be big enough for people who like to feel fully stretched and filled during anal play but could work as a great warm up plug.  Want to get your own Pop Plug? You can get the size of your choice along with the lube and other sex toys you want from Babeland Toys.  Thanks so much to Babeland for sending this to me for review!


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