The Human Pony

There are a million types of kink out there, something for everyone.  One type that has caught my attention in the past is pony play.  I’m slightly drawn to it and fascinated by the look of it, though I’m not sure I’d be interested in actively participating.  I love the bondage style restraints of the tack, they just look so sexy.  After I discovered the world of pony play, I really wanted to learn more so I started searching for information online.  Eventually, I stumbled onto this book called The Human Pony: A Handbook for Owners, Trainers, and Admirers.  I’m not an owner or trainer but I definitely fit into that third category.  The next thing about this book that caught my eye was the amazing cover photo.   This human pony on the cover is dazzling and beautiful.  She has a beautiful mouth, amazing gear, and a tiny little nose ring to add some variety.  So I web-stalked this book for a while debating whether I should get it or not until I finally caved and ordered it.  I’m not sorry that I did.


Everything about this book shows the love, care, and attention to detail that the authors put into it.  It’s 140 pages of information, first hand accounts, and amazing pictures.  The book itself is an over-sized paperback with thick, smooth, matte covers.   The pages inside are thick and glossy and make me want to be delicate with them so I don’t ruin their beauty.  Each page number in the top corner has a tiny little horse figure with it and photos throughout the book are credited to their sources.


The content of the book doesn’t disappoint either.  There are eight sections in the book that cover different areas as well as a foreword, note from the author, introduction, conclusion and appendixes.  The first section (What is Pony Play?) helps define what all pony play can include.  There are different types for different personalities and needs and the author does a good job of introducing them.  The next section is about the headspace that ponies and their trainers find themselves in and how getting there is different for each player.  Section three is about the equipment used in pony play.  There are tons of different pieces of equipment with specific and adaptable uses.  The author not only explains what  basics you need but also how you can adapt different pony equipment for human use.  There are pictures of the different equipment and explanations of what types of ponies need what type of equipment.  Section four gives starter tips on how to train your pony.  Most experienced trainers probably won’t find that section to be much help but it definitely gave me information that was useful.

Once you’ve got the training basics down, section five takes you further into the world of pony play.  In this portion of the book you learn about scene development.  It starts with the bones of scene development in which you train with the cues that will be needed once the scene starts.  Pony training is a long process that eventually ends in a (hopefully) well planned and executed scene.  After you’ve trained your pony, you have to take care of him/her.  Section six discusses handling and grooming of your pony so that you can both get the most out of each session.  This section has some great information on what you need to groom your pony properly and some great photos like the one to the right of the tools needed.

Section seven takes you back to the inspiration for all of this pony play–the horse.  The author discusses the how horses have changed society and how their role has evolved with the world.  At one time they were used primarily for travel and work but with the car and other motorized vehicles coming into use they shifted to luxuries for people who could afford them.

The last section is about event planning.  Pony play may or may not be prevalent in the area that you live in so the author includes tips on how to find your local pony groups.  Once you’ve found your group, the author suggests getting together with some others and planning your own even.  There are all kinds of events that pony players attend such as competitions and fox hunts.  There are plenty of tips on how to get started and what things you might need to get any of these events going.

Following the sections are appendixes that provide information on gaits, quick release knots, a glossary of pony play terms, and other resources.  As a complete n00b to the pony play world, I love that these things were included.  The author states from the beginning that most people involved in pony play have some type of background in the horse world.  Her writing style is kind of geared towards people who have some knowledge of horses, horse training, and horse grooming.  These appendixes are invaluable to someone new to the arena.

I have to say my favorite parts of the book were the stories in each chapter from real trainers and ponies.  They wrote about how they discovered the pony world and the road to where they are now.  It made the whole organized world of pony play seem more accessible some how.  The writers were all interesting and a bit fascinating in the different walks of life they came from.

If you’d like to read more of this book and see more of the amazing pictures, you can get it and other sex toys from Tabu Toys.  Thanks for reading!

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