Sliquid Naturals Smooth

Sliquid Naturals Smooth is a shaving creme that is designed specifically to give a rash-free shave on your intimate parts.  It comes in a 8.5 oz plastic bottle with a colorful and girly label and a black lid with a push-to-open top.  The scent of this product is grapefruit thyme which is subtle and pleasant.  The consistency of the actual creme is similar to hair conditioner.  The directions on the bottle say: “Wet area to be shaved.  Using fingertips, apply a small amount of Smooth.  Lather area, shave, and rinse.”  Pretty simple and straightforward but I found that the creme doesn’t really lather just like most conditioners don’t lather.  So don’t expect a big froth where you apply this.

But how does it work?  It actually works pretty well.  I used Smooth to shave my bikini area and my underarms.  It didn’t take a large amount, maybe a dime size for underarms and probably a quarter for each side of the bikini area.  Really, you just apply enough to have a thin layer on the skin you want to shave.  It doesn’t clog up your razor and leaves skin feeling nice, smooth, and moisturized.  It’s important to follow the normal rules for shaving like having a nice new razor and exfoliating the area you plan to shave first.  If you start with bad tools, this creme won’t do much to help.

One thing that I was concerned about when I ordered this stuff was the scent.  I don’t like to put things on my vag that might cause yeast infections or other issues and scents seem like a tricky thing.  I was really happy to find that the grapefruit thyme scent is very light.  It didn’t leave any lingering smell on my skin that I could detect.  Knowing that this is a Sliquid product was what let me take a chance on it since I know they make quality products.  For example, this is a glycerine and paraben free product, like most of their products.  The label also says that this is a hypoallergenic product that is safe for all body hair and all skin types.

I initially bought this because I was going on a trip that I needed to be smooth for and hadn’t quite reached waxing length.  I hate razor burn, as I’m sure everyone else does and didn’t want to worry about it.  This really did the trick.  It would even be great used for shaving your legs if you suffer from frequent razor burn on them as well.  I’ve been using this daily for shaving my underarms and love how soft the frequently shaved skin has become.

If you’re looking for a great intimate shave creme you should give this a try! You can find it and other sex toys at Tabu Toys.

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