Tantus Litte Secret– Spoon

I love Tantus products.  They’re just awesome.  Great quality, great customer service, just all around great!  But beyond the great quality is the great freaking colors that the new Little Secrets line comes in.  I mean, are you kidding me??  Who can say no to neon green, orange, pink and a great turquoise and purple.  The purple isn’t even like a girly light purple.  This is like serious bruise purple, dark and sexy.  So of course I want every single one of the Little Secrets that Tantus came out with recently.  So far, I’ve managed to acquire the Spoon, the Tease, and the Whisper.  I haven’t even gotten past the Spoon yet.  I’ve been stuck on it’s awesome shape and bright color.

Now, normally, I’m all about the green but this little orange sleeve has my number.  The Little Secrets line is a line of bullets with top quality silicone sleeves over them.  They have one speed, but that speed is perfect in my clit’s opinion.  The Spoon is a sleeve with a flat satellite shaped tip on the end.  It’s small enough to easily fit between my outer pussy lips and strong enough to make me come (with a little rubbing).  I like to put that flat tip right against my clit and tease myself until I come.  I swear it feels like the worlds most wonderful finger.  You can personalize the amount pressure you want and the vibrations are strong enough that you feel them without being distracting.

I’ve used this little bullet alone, during anal sex, and during my first fisting (I almost made it!!).  Alone, I focus on the sensations it provides.  The silicone sleeve allows for this bullet to glide over my clit with my natural wetness.  It’s strong enough to use for a little shallow vaginal stimulation or really anywhere you like some vibration, but it has no flared base, so don’t use it for anal insertion.  It’s also splash proof, so take it in the shower for a little shower fun!  The splash proof is also great for cleaning.  I wash my Spoon with warm water and anti-bacterial soap and haven’t had any problem with water damage.

The only downside to this powerful little vibe is that it takes watch batteries.  I’ve had my Little Secrets for almost a month and have used the Spoon the most.  So far, I haven’t noticed any  decrease in power from this lovely.  Buying watch batteries will totally be worth the hassle for this little bullet for me.

I will eventually make myself move past the Spoon and onto the others, so stay tuned for reviews of the other Little Secrets.  Tantus…keep up the awesome colors!!!

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  8. see, i almost got that but wanted to read more reviews on it!! glad you liked it!

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  15. Max

    glad you liked this tantus – have been considering purchasing and looking for more reviews on this product.

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