Live in my Secrets

Live in my Secrets is a Vivid-Alt film is a Kimberly Kane Picture that features ‘extreme hardcore fetish’ from Kimberly’s mind.  The scenes are all a little different and a little dark but plenty sexy.  In between the scenes are some random 8mm style clips of some of the stars and a few extras doing different things.

Scene one stars Kimberly Kane and Mick Blue and starts out in a kind of 8mm looking film reel with the two of them kind pushing each other around.  Before the action really gets started they cut to reguvlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h24m31s174lar film view.  Kimberly is looking pretty hot with her Bettie Page hair style and hardly anything on.  After some messing around a little on the bed Mick pushes Kimberly up against the wall and kisses and touches her before putting her on her knees for a sloppy, slobbery blow job.  The dynamic in this scene kind of goes back and forth.  Mick seems dominant when she’s vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h25m16s106up against the wall but then Kimberly kind of pushes him back to the bed and then continues to blow him.  Then she climbs on top for girl-on-top while he smacks her boobs.  There’s a perfectly framed shot of Jesus between her and Mick in there somewhere.  After they fuck for a while, Kimberly lays down for Mick to finger her hard and fast while they kiss almost sweetly.  And then…well, the dynamic changes again when she grabs him by the throat and pushes him down before telling him to fuck her against the wall.  They do a kind of standing doggie and then switch to oral for Kimberly while she wraps her belt around vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h26m50s19Mick’s head.  They go back to standing doggie for a while, then Kimberly gives Mick a blow job before leading him to a chair and doing reverse cowgirl.  They get back into smacking each other before more oral for Kimberly and then standing missionary sex.  There’s lots of panting and kind of whiny vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h27m36s225moaning that isn’t quite annoying….but its close.  They lay back on the bed for missionary with Kimberly’s legs up in the air and add a little choking in before switching back to oral for Kimberly.  One thing is for sure, Mick is not neglecting the oral.  They have more sex before Mick climbs up Kimberly’s body and thrusts into her mouth while licking and sucking her feet.  This goes on for a while before Mick has Kimberly vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h29m07s112standing doggie again and then she gets down on her knees, wraps the blind cord around her neck, and he comes on her chin.


The next scene starts with another 8mm-style film of two girls, one tied down on an ottoman, the other with a knife and fork, examining the first girls vag and ass.  Claire vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h29m47s253Adams is the one with the knife and fork (and the dominant one I might add) and Bobbi Starr is the one tied up.  Claire fingers Bobbi while eating an apple in the pre-clip, among other things.  Once the real scene starts, Clair comes in to a bound and gagged Bobbie and starts squeezing her nipples and wrapping her arms and hands around her throat.  Bobbi appears to have jaw breaker gag in and drools profusely.  Claire puts nipple clamps around Bobbi’s nipples and plays with her a little, gently smacking them and vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h32m58s114moving them around.  Bobbie is wearing nothing but a rope corset and Clair has her lay on her back so she can crawl up her body and then spit in her face.  She then takes a riding crop to Bobbi’s foot before beginning to tickle it.  This seems to have Bobbi in tears but she keeps her hands up and away.  Claire finally removes Bobbi’s gag and wipes the sugary residue all over her face so that she can lick it off, spit it back on her, and then lick it off again.  Clair climbs up over Bobbi’s face and we see that she has a thick black dildo loaded into her harness.  She proceeds to push it into Bobbi’s mouth as Bobbi lays still with her hands down at all times, even when she’s gagging.  After a little of this, Claire moves down between Bobbi’s legs and uses the dildo for missionary sex while sucking on vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h30m21s83Bobbi’s tow.  She also uses the rope corset for a handle as she thrusts, which is pretty hot, but even hotter when she uses it to pull Bobbi into a sitting position and makes her look at her as she continues to thrust into her.  After a while they have kind of a gentle few moments where Claire talks to Bobbi some before she starts finger her and gives her oral some.  Claire fingers her fast and hard with one hand while rubbing her clit with another and finally gives Bobbi permission to come.  Bobbi has a lot of grunting and moaning in this scene but it seems more genuine than Kimberly’s did.  Claire pulls Bobbi’s hair for a bit and then has her get on all fours and gently smacks her ass with a riding crop a few times before pulling on ropes and then bringing a lubed Pure Wand into the scene.  The Pure Wand is being used anally in this scene and you can just see lube dripping vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h34m15s119everywhere.  She starts with the small end and then switches to the big end, which excites and terrifies me at the same time.  Afterwards, Bobbi sucks the Pure Wand on both ends.  Claire tells Bobbi to go stand by the fireplace and then uses her dildo on her anally as well from behind while they’re standing.  Claire does some impressively flexible moves and the scene ends with Bobbi kneeling on the carpet.

The next clip shows Mandy Morbid walking around in a short dress with nothing underneath, showing off her vag followed by April Flores playing with lizards while nude.

Scene three features Aiden Starr and Tyler Knight and starts off wivlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h34m36s70th 8mm shots of Aiden standing in a stable with a riding crop and very little clothing on next to a horse.  Tyler climbs into some type of sex swing or suspension device or horse sling…I’m really not sure. While in the sling thing there is oral for both of them as well as doggie (or would it be horsey?) style sex.  Tyler gets out of the sling after a while and they make use of a handy post for Aiden to lean against for vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h34m58s35more doggie style.  There’s more oral and a scene of Tyler rubbing his cock all over her boobs before he finally comes on them.


Scene four is between Kimberly Kane and Sasha Grey and opens with Kimvlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h36m44s76berly licking Sasha between the legs with red stuff all over her inner thigh and vag.  Kimblery has bleached blond hair on top and suddenly turns a bottle on the floor to show that the red stuff is strawberry syrup.  They make out and touch each other and spread red syrup everywhere.  Kimberly even dribbles it out of vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h37m57s34her mouth into Sasha’s.  There’s also plenty of toe sucking in here as well.  I personally don’t love this scene because I have an aversion to other people’s spit.  If we’re not intimate, I don’t really want to see it or think about it.  I love both these ladies, they’re beautiful but the scene wasn’t really for me.


I love this picture.

The best scene of the movie for me was the second scene with Bobbi Starr, though I’m a huge Bobbi fan.  I just loved the use of the rope corset and the toys used in the scene, as well as the genuine connection Claire and Bobbi seemed to have.  I definitely loved some elements from Kimberly and Mick’s scene but some parts where kind of drawn out.

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