Njoy Eleven

Njoy Eleven

Njoy Eleven

This is a review that has been long in the works.  Any sex toy reviewer who has been around for five minutes has read about and lusted after this gargantuan toy.  I mean, let’s be honest, it is a beast and so is the price tag on it.  So how does one justify investing money on this unicorn of a dildo?  By reading review after review making your vag yearn for it.  You look at your other toys and wonder how they compare.  And you can’t help thinking about it until you have it in your slippery grip.  Luckily for me, I have an amazing best friend who decided this would be the perfect birthday present for me (I’ve had this since May 2012 now).  He has been a great supporter of my blogging and I’ve returned the favor by being his go-to for sex toys and porn for him and his girl friend.

I already knew that I loved Njoy products due to my love affair with the Pure Wand.  I have found that stainless steel is by far one of my favorite materials for a dildo.  I love the stimulation I can get from the firmness of it and the way the metal heats up.  It is truly something that I feel every person should experience.  The Eleven is seriously NEXT LEVEL from the Pure Wand.  You get the hard material, the cold or hot temperature but now you also get the choice of two sizes that are phallically reminiscent and textured.

Both ends of the Eleven are fairly substantial in size and require a little warm up for me.  The smaller end is 1.75 inches, that’s quite a bit right out of the gate for me.  And the bigger end?  2 inches.  Yeah, there is no wiggle room with this dildo.  The Eleven is here to get you off with no room for messin’ around.  And it does.  It so does.  As I said, I need a little warm up first, but once I’ve use a vibe for a few minutes I add my favorite water-based lube (Sliquid Sassy Booty) and start to ease the smaller end in.  My favorite thing about this unforgiving material is that shock of cold I get when I first insert my Eleven.  I always keep a vibe handy and in use on my clit as I’m working this beast in.  See those ridges on the smaller end?  Yeah, they’re amazing.  As I thrust (gently) with the Eleven I can feel those ridges slide against the opening of my vag.  I love some external stimulation paired with intense internal pleasure.  The larger end makes a decent handle, easy to grip due to the size, and the gentle ‘s’ curve of the Eleven forces the curved tip to rub my g-spot.  It’s intense.

But that’s just the small end.  After I’ve gotten off at least once I can switch ends and that’s when things really start to get interesting.  I was honestly pretty terrified of the big end of the Eleven but it is so worth the warm up.  First, remember those ridges I enjoyed so much 11.4on the small end?  Well, they turn into the perfect grippies for using the big end.  There isn’t a lot of movement required with the big end.  I work it in gently with more lube and then just barely move it around while using a vibe on my clit and I’m getting off in no time.  And I mean like reaaaalllly intensely getting off.  If I’m making a night of it, I may get off a couple of times, but I’m totally a puddle of relaxed muscles by the end.  I’ve even been known to leave the Eleven’s large end inserted after multiple orgasms and just gently squeeze my vaginal muscles around the Eleven until I’m getting off again without even thrusting it.

I didn’t even talk about the amazing feel of the heat the stainless steel absorbs.  The Eleven gets HOT.  And that feels hot in the non-temperature way.  What else is great?  The fact that stainless steel is non-porous and can be boiled to sterilize…but you’re gonna need a big pot.

I love my Eleven.  That’s the bottom line.  I don’t think it replaces my Pure Wand but it fulfills the need to be really filled while being deeply and intensely stimulated.  If you get the opportunity and enjoy larger toys, I’d definitely recommend it!  Want one now?  Get it from one of my favorite shops like SheVibe.

It just fits right in with the logs, size-wise.

It just fits right in with the logs, size-wise.

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