Bondage Boutique Leather Slave Collar with O-Ring

collarFancy toys are enjoyable, fun, and often nice to look at but you can’t neglect the basics.  This Bondage Boutique Leather Slave Collar with O-Ring from LoveHoney Ltd fills the your basic collar needs and looks good while doing it.  The collar comes in red, white, black, or purple so you will be sure to find one that fits your taste.  It is made of leather and has that lovely leather smell, which is a nice added aphrodisiac for me.

As you can see in the picture, the hardware on this collar is silver.  The front o-ring pivots 360 degress so that you can attach it to whatever you need and not cause any strain to the wearer.  The buckle is lockable, which is a feature I adore.  It adds an extra layer of surrender and submission.


A picture of the locking buckle, just slip a small padlock through the loop

The leather portion of the collar is 20 inches long with six adjustable slots that start about an inch and a half from the end and just shy of an inch wide.  The buckle is just under an inch and a half long and 1 inch wide and seems solidly made.  The leather is smooth on both sides of the collar, with the outside looking a bit smoother.  The inside of the collar feels almost soft but is still finished leather.  After wearing or touching this collar for a prolonged amount of time, the smell of leather will linger on your skin.

The Bondage Boutique Leather Slave Collar with O-Ring is very easy to put on either by yourself or with a partner.  The leather slides through the  buckle with no struggle and the clasp slips in easily.  And it feels great on, which is really what is important.  It feels good and is able to perform, what else is there really?  Oh, the price, of course!  This is an affordable collar at $24.99.  My collar is black, but I love the look of the purple one as well.  At that price…maybe I can get that one too!

Thanks to LoveHoney Ltd for providing this product free for an honest review!

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