I know it seems crazy that I didn’t own a LELO Ella after reviewing sex toys for over 2 years…but it was true.  My collection was incomplete!  Luckily for me, the lovely folks at Sexshop.net came to the rescue.  If you are new to sex toys and haven’t heard of the LELO Ella, you want it.  Trust me, you do.  This dildo is often included in lists of top toys for many reviewers because it can do amazing things.  It looks totally unassuming, especially in white, but don’t be fooled.

What’s so great about the Ella?  The shape.  It is allll about the shape with this dildo.  The curve and flat end are perfectly shaped to stimulate your g-spot in the best of ways.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves.  First, the basics.  This is a silicone dildo from LELO, a renowned sex toy maker.  The total length of the Ella is 7 inches with 5 inches of that length being insertable.  The diameter at the widest point is 1.25 inches.  The edges of the flat head are gently curved so there is not uncomfortable poking and the entire dildo feels velvety.  The silicone allows for it to be a very lightweight toy and the handle is shaped perfectly to fit into your hand for thrusting.  You also get your choice of black, white, or rose.  I chose white because I don’t have a lot of white toys and it just seemed kind of sophisticated.  And rose is just another word for magenta…eew.

For years, I’ve heard how great a g-spotting toy the Ella is but I never investigated it on my own.  The reason for that is probably that it isn’t a new toy and most companies already have reviews of toys that have been around for a while.  That’s no reason not to show some love for this toy though, especially one that is so affordable.  I’m really glad that I finally got the Ella for review because it really is amazing.  It is closely ranked to the Njoy Pure Wand in g-spot pleasing.

So, Ella vs. Pure Wand: The Ella is lightweight, strokes the g-spot like a boss, comes with a storage bag, and is double ended.  What does the Pure Wand do better?  It heats up beyond belief and has a longer handle.  Yeah, those two small things are the tiny gap between these two legendary toys.

I personally prefer the curved end of the Ella because the hole point for me is g-spot stimulation.  The handle has some curves and feels nice but the flat end is where its at.  I always need clitoral stimulation, so I use a vibrator with my Ella which just adds to the reasons why the lightweight silicone is so nice.  I get off quickly after thrusting with the Ella because it really is that effective.

The Ella has inspired the shape for several other of their toys including the Picobong Moka  (Picobong is made by LELO) and LELO Gigi.  The Gigi is the rechargeable vibrator version of the Ella and the Moka is the battery powered vibrator version.  So, if internal vibrations are your thing, you can still enjoy the shape of this dildo while getting them.

There’s one other thing I love about the Ella.  It solves a dilemma I’ve had ever since I got my Pure Wand.  Travel.  With the Ella, I can get the g-spot stimulation I want anywhere I go.  Yes, you can travel with the Pure Wand but it is freaking heavy.  I already have enough problems keeping my luggage under weight without adding my beloved steel dildo.  The Ella can even be put in its satin pouch and tucked into your carry-on without arousing much suspicion.  If TSA asks you could easily pass it off as a regular body massage tool.

So, if you like g-spot stimulation and orgasms (and who doesn’t?) you should get a LELO Ella.  At $40 bucks, you will not regret it! And Sexshop.net ships fast and discreetly, so you’ll get your Ella without any hassle or awkwardness.  Thanks to Sexshop.net for providing this free for an honest review!

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