Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Slimline

It has been many years since I’ve used a traditional rabbit vibrator.  I have to say that my first rabbit vibrator was the vibrator that changed my masturbation world forever.  Why did I move away from them?  I really think I started trying different things and just never looked back. recently provided me the opportunity to rectify that situation!

Let’s talk about the biggest difference between my old rabbit vibrator and my new one.  Material.  I’m not really sure what my old one was made of but I do know it was not the nice silicone that the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator comes in. My old rabbit was also pink but the material was ‘grabbier’ and seemed cheaper. Of course, this was before my self-education of sex toy materials.  Another difference was the batteries required.  My old one required AA batteries and I want to say it was 4 of them, which can add up to a lot of weight.  The new and improved version: 2 AAA batteries.

But, what you really wanna know is if the rabbit vibrator still lives up to the hype.  Yes, yes it does.  I was pleasantly surprised at the sophistication that the design of the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator. I know. That was a weird sentence to write. Sophisticated vibrator. Don’t get crazy though, this thing isn’t going to fly you to the moon, do your dishes or walk the dog. But it will get you off, and with flare.

First, the basics. The total length of this vibrator is a little longer than 8 inches with 4.25 inches of that being insertable. The rabbit arm is 3 inches long with ears that are separate. At the thickest point (about mid-shaft) the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator is approximately 3.75 inches in circumference and about 1 inch in diameter. The control base is plastic with 3 buttons: power, rabbit vibration, and shaft rotation. The dedicated power button is awesome because you can turn the power off immediately without cycling through any of the settings. There are a lot of combinations that you can enjoy with 7 vibration patterns and 3 rotation strengths. And of course, it is waterproof.

Okay, I mentioned 7 different vibration settings. Here they are:
Low Steady
Medium Steady (my preferred)
High Steady
Low Slow Pulse
Low and slow pulse that builds up to steady vibration
High Slow Pulse
3 Pulses followed by long steady

The rotation settings are just low, medium, and high speed.
The two best surprises with this vibrator were how quiet it is and how strong it is. I wasn’t sure if I would like the rotating shaft or if it would just seem kind of weird. I do like it, mostly because it adds another layer of stimulation to the play. My preferred use of the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator is turn both vibration and rotation on, get it positioned and then go hand free. This works amazingly well and allows me to use my hands to do other pleasant things like stimulate my nipples or just lay back and enjoy the sensations. I just don’t feel like thrusting is what you do with a rabbit arm. For me, it needs to be in position to hit my clit without a lot of loss of contact.

So, the new rabbits are definitely better than the old rabbits.  And the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator is perfectly sized and powered for me. I already knew I loved (and needed) clitoral stimulation but now I don’t have to choose a bullet to go along with another toy. I can get off hands free with just one toy.

Want to get an updated rabbit for yourself? Check out the selection at LoveHoney Ltd. Thanks to Lovehoney for providing this product free for an honest review.

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