Jackhammer Jesus

Artistic skills and silicone can combine to make some beautiful and interesting sex toys.  This dildo is one of those things.  A while back, I reviewed the Devil dildo from Divine Interventions and now I have the flip side of that for you, the Jackhammer Jesus .  Never heard of Divine Interventions?  They are a group of artisans with a sense of humor and eye for detail.  Not only are their products amazing to look at, they know how to keep it light so you don’t feel totaalllly wrong about wanting to stick a crucifix in your vag.  Case in point, in the description of the Jackhammer Jesus they say this: “The Jackhammer Jesus has only one safety rule: Feet first, feet first, not the head, ya fool.”  And if that isn’t enough to convince you that they know how to laugh they straight-faced inform you that each dildo is “hand crafted and hand colored in small batches by cats, then cured  in a microwave that was really meant for heating lunch.”

But seriously.  Their products are amazing.  The silicone is firm and not too tacky and comes in beautiful marbled colors.  When their dildos have details like the Devil’s face and the Jesus on the Jackhammer Jesus they are meticulously done.  They even have their own Holy Water Lube that is water-based and compliments your sacrilegious toy perfectly.  I enjoy the products both visually and physically.  So let’s get to the physically part…after all, that’s why you’re here!

First, the specs.  From tip to tip, the Jackhammer Jesus is a total of 10 inches in length with the cross beam being 4 inches long.  From the cross beam portion the dildo is 7 inches long with the largest diameter being at the flare of the penis shaped tip at 5 inches.  There are texture lines all along this dildo including some rolling wave type details on the back side that move towards the tip.  Here’s a picture of what I’m trying to describe:

But what you really want to know is how that texture feels. And I can tell you it is amazing! I liked my Devil but I love my Jackhammer Jesus. The first amazing part is that swelled penis shaped tip. It goes in with such a satisfying pop and then that firm flare rubs my g-spot so well. Next, those waves of texture. They stimulate as I slid the dildo in and out adding just that small bit of extra sensation that ups the ante. And last, but not least, the texture from the figure of Jesus. The placement and shape of it make it rub against the clit when you want it to but not constantly if you don’t. The cross shape makes a nice natural handle for thrusting and the length is perfect for maneuverability.

So, yeah, the details are not just for looks. I highly recommend checking out their unique assortment of products. The next item I have my eye on is God’s Immaculate Rod because…well, look at that curve!

Thanks Divine Interventions for providing this product free for an honest review!

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