Luscious: Stories of Anal Eroticiscm

It wasn’t that long ago that I wasn’t sure how I felt about anal sex.  I had interest, I had desire, but I also had fear and the pressure from social beliefs that it is wrong and dirty. That last one is kind of a double edged sword, really…I mean wrong and dirty?  Yep, that can definitely equal hot and sexy!  Of course, now I’m definitely a fan of anal sex.  I can’t help but think that if I wasn’t already, after reading this book, I would be interested.

This book is full of stories that range in experience from anal amateurs to anal experts.  And they’re hot stories.  Let me tell you about a few of my favorites.


Something Dirty by Erica Dumas- The main character is a female bartender and while she’s working she sees Trey.  Trey is a biker and lingers through her shift, even helping her with some slightly unruly customers. Once the shift ends she agrees to go for a ride with him and they end up in a secluded location.  This leads to some semi-public sex that involving the use of his motorcycle as a prop.  She gets off during vaginal sex and then again during anal and the whole time she is loving the ‘dirtiness’ of the whole thing.  This story isn’t full of BDSM in a traditional sense but there is an essences of restraint in parts.  I love the hotness of the near-stranger sex in one of the most intimate ways, at least to me.

Sometimes It’s Better to Give by Bryn Haniver- Julie and Gerry have a few weeks to themselves while their kids are away at summer camp.  Julie demands that she wants something different and they decide to go shopping.  She wants to give instead of receive for once and as they’re looking at the toys at the store she becomes inspired.  They end up with 2 strap-ons, one for her husband and one for the babysitter Amber.  Luckily, Amber is completely up for the task.  The night turns into an amazing experiment of  Gerry getting fucked anally and Julie getting to give to both him and Amber.  In the end, everyone ends up in a sweaty orgasm heap…and then Amber sweetly suggests that she get a turn sometime in the next three weeks.  I love how this story brings to light that marriage and kids does not equal the end of adventurous and experimental sex.

Selling Point by Carl Kennedy- Mr. Simmons is in the market for a new house and Michelle is showing him around one that looks promising.  When they got to the basement he discovers a hidden room that contains a St. Andrews cross and a full collection of implements and toys.  Happily, Mr. Simmons finds that  Michelle is flushed and excited by what they find.  Pretty soon, she’s strapped to the cross and they are trying out the different tools they’ve discovered.  This is probably the most BDSM of the stories in the book and it is definitely a lovely treat.

The Captain’s Walk by Dominic Santi- The main character inherits a bed and breakfast from his godfather that is reportedly haunted by the boat Captain who used to live there.  He doesn’t believe in ghosts but allows the story to perpetuate because it is good for business.  One night, he is roused by this ghost he didn’t believe in and is told to take a wooden phallus and fit it to a chair that is in his room.  He submits his will to the imposing and handsome ghost of the Captain and is slowly trained to take the sizeable phallus anally.  His encounters with the ghost leave him tired, drained in every way and sated.  Eventually he graduates to a different kind of phallus after an encounter that shows the caring side of the Captain and he finds that his godfather left him so much more than just a bed and breakfast.

Worth It by Alison Tyler- Gina and Byron have been together for a while, long enough that he’s taken the big leap and asked her to marry him…but not with the ring she had picked out.  He actually gave her a ring that cost $500 as opposed to the $12,000 ring he took her to Tiffany’s and let her pick out.  This gets Gina thinking.  There’s something else Byron has been denying her even though he’s done it before himself.  Anal sex.  She’s asked for it, tried to seduce him into it and even gone so far as to beg for it.  His refusal, calling it dirty and beneath Gina while telling her how much it will hurt, only makes her more determined and then eventually leads to fights of frustration.  Finally, Gina decides to take things into her own hands.  All this denial has her wanting the experience even more than she ever has and Byron’s friend Josh seems just the one to give it to her.  She flirts and teases him and Byron never notices.  Finally, they get together and she tells him what she wants..and he gives it to her.  This is when she realizes how wrong Byron was.  In the end, she makes a decision that is best for both of them.  She’s always want what he wasn’t willing to give and that’s no way to live.

Anal sex isn’t a sex act limited to BDSM but there is definitely an element of submission to it, no matter what the setting.  This is a sex act that is often forbidden and seen as a privilege to many when they get to do it.  So far, my personal experiences with anal sex have been very intimate, while being hot and dirty.  This book makes me think about and kind of crave something more, something on the next level in the anal sex forum.  Which saying that makes me laugh and wonder what that even means, but the point is this book isn’t just hot, it will get your mind rolling on ideas of the fun and depraved things you can do.

Thanks to for providing this book free for an honest review!

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