LELO Sensua Whip

One area I haven’t delved too deeply in review is sensation play in the floggers, whips, and paddles arena.  This is something I hope to remedy in the future.  My first step in that direction is the LELO Sensua Whip (though really its a flogger) provided by PinkCherry.com.

First whip vs. flogger.  Whips have single tails and floggers have multiple.  The name of this product is really a misnomer as you can see it has many tails but that doesn’t keep it from being well made, pretty, and easy to use.  LELO is a big name in the sex toy world and people have high expectations from them in general and that was no different when I considered this product.

Okay, lets start with some basics.  The handle is a clear red solid plastic with silver metal accents.  The name LELO is stamped into the plastic in the center, keeping it simplistic but branded.  The metal pieces provide some weight and heft to this that make swinging it just feel right. The tails of the LELO Sensua Whip are made of red suede and there are a total of 39 strips on mine.  From tip to tip, this is approximately 14 inches long, with 5.75 of that being handle and 8.25 being tails.  The handle is approximately 5/8 inch in diameter and fits nicely in my hand, thought I have kinda small hands so it might seem to small for bigger hands.

This flogger can be used a couple of different ways.  The first being for more slow and sensual sensation play.  These suede tails actually feel amazing just being dragged across the skin and are even better if the receiver is blindfolded and unable to predict the path.  The second way is the way you’d expect, as a striking implement.  You can swing soft or hard and the strike of the tails is easily felt.  The design of this flogger doesn’t really allow for it to be a harsh implement, which goes along with the look of it.  The sensation I get from this is the stingy type of strike as opposed to the heavy thuddy feeling.  If it is used over clothing though, it does feel more thuddy.  Also, it is important to practice using floggers or any tailed implement on something inanimate like a pillow before using it on our partner to see how the tails act and move so that you can avoid wrapping which can be painful.  Wrapping is when you strike an appendage and the tails whip around and wrap to the other side.  It can be quite uncomfortable.  Luckily this small flogger doesn’t make this a huge issue but be careful on the arms and legs.

If buttery soft suede tails striking your skin sounds appealing to you but you’re new to this kind of play, I highly recommend the LELO Sensua Whip as a wonderful starter implement. Not only is it pretty to look at (and comes in black and purple as well as red) it isn’t too hardcore or scary. PinkCherry.com has the LELO Sensua Whip for a great price and ships quick and discreetly.

Thanks to PinkCherry.com for providing this product free for an honest review.

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