Private Silicone Packer

I’ve wanted to get my hands on a packer for a while now but they’re rarely available for review. I couldn’t justify buying one because it isn’t something I would use regularly. I don’t identify as male but I have a healthy curiosity, interest and respect for people of all gender identifications. Getting my own packer was kind of like a social experience and an opportunity to let go of my own inhibitions in regards to expectations of being a woman.  So, I present to you the Private Silicone Packer from Good Vibrations!

This packer is a realistic looking penis and balls made of silicone.  There is a lot of detail to it and I had several male friends that saw it and had to check it out.  Of course, the first thing they did was talk about how it compares to their own…but the important thing is that they agreed that it looked anatomically accurate.  You can even see little bumps on the balls (which are asymmetrical) and veins on the penis shaft.  The penis is connected only at the base of the shaft so you can move it but it doesn’t swing around.  The back side of the packer has a smooth flat section that presses against the pelvis and the the balls continue below it.

The ball portion measures 4.5 inches from the very top to the lowest part of the balls.  The penis also measures 4.5 inches in length but starts slightly below the top which makes the head of the penis hang down past the balls just over a half inch.  The widest point of this packer is 3 inches and the penis has a circumference of approximately 4 inches.  The silicone is firm but squishes slightly if squeezed.

But the most important thing to know about this packer is that it is comfortable to wear. It can be worn with a harness, packing garment,or just tucked into your undies (though I’d only recommend that for shorter periods and when you won’t be running around and jumping a lot).  The silicone warms up to body temperature quickly and the silicone keeps it from sliding around.  The silicone does kind of stick to skin so wearing it with a holder of some type really makes long periods of wear more comfortable.

My favorite part of wearing this Private Silicone Packer is how it feels through my clothing. I can’t even tell you how many times I groped myself. It felt realistic and I was fascinated at the feel of it as a part of me.  Very quickly, I became accustomed to having the extra bulge and forgot I was wearing it (in the good way).  You can choose between 3 colors for your packer: vanilla (light), caramel (medium), and coffee (dark).  Mine is vanilla which works well for me.

Since this packer is made of silicone that means it is also easy to clean and non-porous. It can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap or boiled for sterilization.  Just like any other silicone sex toy it does pick up hair and lint easily so a good wash before each use is a good idea even if you wear it in a harness or packing garment.

I’m glad this packer was my first because it really is a great quality, realistic packer made from body-safe materials.  This was designed by the folks over at Good Vibrations and they got it right!

Thanks to G0od Vibrations for providing this product free for an honest review.

© 2012, bzzingbee. All rights reserved.



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