Vamp Talula

If you look at this picture and guess that this is another amazing product from Vamp Silicone, you are correct!  This is the Talula dildo in the softskin silicone available from  These are two of my favorite things together: SheVibe and great sex toys.  I seriously can’t say enough how much I love this shop guys.  They have amazing customer service, a great website, a fun sense of humor, and wonderful prices.  My friend even got me my very own Njoy Eleven for my birthday (review to come!) from them at one of the best prices out there.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, do it!

But back to the sex toy at hand, the Vamp Silicone Talula. Mine is the black and silver swirl in the 6.5 inch length. That length is just for the insertible portion of the dildo. Measuring from the base of the balls to the tip, this comes in at approximately 9.5 inches. The best thing about the Talula is the crazy sharp angle which makes it ideal for harness wear and even solo play.  And of course the delectably squishy yet firm silicone in the beautiful colors.  I really don’t know how Vamp Silicone gets both squishy and firm in one dildo but they do.

When using this solo, the balls actually make a pretty perfect thrusting handle.  Thrusting is pretty easy because of the length, though I don’t get all of the shaft in.  The Talula is just a little too long for my vag, not that it stops me from enjoying it. I can get about 3/4 of the dildo in without issue and even then I can thrust full out because the silicone is just squishy enough to be forgiving to my cervix. The diameter of this dildo is 1.75 inches, which I find to be nice and filling. It takes a small amount of warm up for me to easily take the Talula.

On a side note, I had a moment of vagina awe when I realized that I was considering a diameter of 1.75 inches as a dildo ‘small enough for warm up’. When did this happen?? I don’t know but I’m not going back. In context, Talula was being used for warm up with the Vixen Creations Randy and the Njoy Eleven…so I guess ‘small enough’ is relative…

Back to Talula! The head is slightly larger than the shaft, which is anatomically appropriate and feels great as it slips in. There’s just something about that feeling of getting past that first ridge on cocks and dildos alike that is so satisfying. If you hold the balls so that the flat side is facing up, the fuller side of the head of the dildo rubs nicely against the g-spot. Incidentally, when worn in a harness, the nice full side hits just right all on its own.

I mentioned the angle being good for harnesses earlier. Just to elaborate, this is because the dildo points up like an erect cock as opposed to sagging down while worn. A lot of other dildos need to be pretty firm and unforgiving to achieve this but still get pulled down some by their weight. The Talula is just perfectly angled and really is amazing.

Bottom line? I’m amazed by yet another Vamp Silicone product, available from This is a beautiful and functional piece of silicone art that is also affordable! If you haven’t checked out‘s Vamp Silicone offerings yet, get to it!!

Thanks to for providing this product free for an honest review.

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