Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous

Brought to you by Courtney Trouble and provided by SheVibe for review, this Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous.  I have been looking forward to this movie for a while now, especially after watching Courtney Trouble’s Live Sex Show.  Described as a ‘hardcore porno mix tape’ on Courtney Trouble’s site, this movie contains real queer people having real sex the way they love to.  This isn’t your typical tried and true porn formula which honestly doesn’t do a lot for me or a lot of people.  This is something different, something better.  Let’s get to the movie!

The first scene stars Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx sitting in a room on a couch while someone sketches them.  There is a green neon light that shines over them in a lovely way that also lends a unique look to the shots.  The scene begins with gentle kissing and touching with lots of sensual eye contact that shows off their chemistry.  Soon Jiz Lee has black latex gloves on, lube coating them and a hand deep inside Papi Coxxx.  After an authentic orgasm, Papi trades places with Jiz for some squirting orgasms.  They simultaneously finger each other next with a nice camera angle that catches the movements of both.  Jiz then has a strap-on on and Papi rides up and down on it clearly having a good time.  Jiz takes Papi from behind as well pulling a delightful number of moans and squeals from Papi.  Jiz gives Papi a blow job next with her strap on and a dildo that looks suspiciously like the Vixen Creations Maverick (one of my favorites!!).  Jiz then climbs onto the Maverick for more squealing and moaning. These two look sweating and relaxed and satisfied.

Wolf Hudson and James Darling are the stars of the next scene.  They’re in a bath tub and Wolf starts us off by giving James oral for a while before they trade places (p.s. Wolf’s cock is hot…I’d love to see a dildo modeled after it).  James also treats Wolf to a rim job which is promptly returned.  After everyone has had they’re tongue treatments they move to sex in doggy style followed by sex facing each other as James sits in Wolf’s lap.  They move out of the tub for missionary and then James gets on top to rid Wolf’s cock for a while.  They return to oral (I really can’t blame James for wanting to suck Wolf’s cock again…just sayin..) incuding another rim job for Wolf.   The scene ends with a unique shot of Wolf coming on James’ back as he’s ben over and the camera is down below James’ face looking up.


The next scene is between Max Wellander and Varina Adams and opens in an act I haven’t watched before.  Max has a knife that is run along Varina’s body to tease and tantalize.  On her leg Varina has several cuts that broke the skin that Max kissed at.  It leaves a trail of red welts on her upper torso without breaking the skin.  Soon Max gives Varina oral before they switch places and begin to kiss as Max fingers Varina from below.  Max gets oral next along with some furiuos fingering that looks so very enjoyable.  The rest of the scene is these two going back and forth between fingering and oral.  It is easy to tell that they’re both having a really good time

Scene four is between Maya Mayhem and Tobi Hill-Meyer who begin by having some tea together.  They start out playful and teasing but soon get down to business.  Tobi has a purple strap-on on and after some nipple sucking Maya climbs onto the purple cock and starts riding it.  They do missionary and doggy style as well and you can even see Maya’s legs trembling with pleasure at one point.  Tobi removes the strap-on and Maya gives oral for a while before returning to Tobi’s nipples again.  The last thing they do together is some fisting that again leaves Maya trembling.

Sophia St. James and Quinn Valentine are next up.  These two start out wih some kissing and soon Sophia has black latex gloves lubed up and fingers gliding in and out of Quinn’s ass while Quinn uses a hand to rub his cock.  Sophia dons a strap-on next and Quinn gets down on his knees to provide oral.  After a lengthy blow job, Sophia has Quinn get down on all fours and spanks his ass till it glows red before finally giving him the cock in the ass he wants.  He gets it from behind and on top several times with a blow job in between.  Sophia works his cock with her hand as he rides the strap-on.  These two really have some great chemistry and seem to be having fun as well as getting off.

Scene six stars Jolene Parton and Arabelle Rafael.  I’ll be honest, I was looking forward to this scene almost as much as I did Jiz Lee’s after having seen some pictures of the sexy Arabelle Rafael on either Queerporn or NoFauxxx, not sure which now.  These two are on a bed that has a pile of dildos, no joke.  It kinda looks like my bed some days, lol.  They start off with kissing and fingering and quickly start to incorporate all the toys.  Jolene gets a glass dildo and a silicone dildo vaginally while she sucks on a silicone dildo.   Arabelle works them fast and slow until Jolene gets off.  Next, Arabelle straddles Jolene’s face and grinds her clit against Jolene’s tongue  in a sexy show.  One thing that was amusing throughout this scene was the sounds of the dildos shifting on the bed.  The harder materials were bumping into each other as they moved.  Jolene puts on a strap-on next that looks like an Aslan harness, but don’t quote me on that (also, love Jolene’s stockings).  Arabelle gets fucked in doggy style and then missionary before Jolene fingers her for a while.  Arabelle then takes matters into her own hands with an anal toy while rubbing her clit.  Once she’s ready, Jolene inserts a large double dong while the anal toy is still in, then both girls lay down and Jolene puts the other end in herself and they fuck each other with the same dildo.  Jolene also uses the Hitachi on herself during this and then passes it to Arabelle.  Both orgasms during the shared dildo are pretty hot.  The scene ends with them kissing passionately with a hot sex flush.

Maggie and Ned Mayhem are the stars of scene 7 which starts with some spanking (Maggie as the spankee).  Ned then gives Maggie oral and treats her to some vaginal spanking. Maggie then straddles Ned’s face and gets oral while he spanks her breasts.  These two are definitely into the pain sensations and they have sooo much fun with it.  Maggi gives Ned a blow job turning him on by  gently using her teeth and slapping his inner things.  They have sex with Maggie on top as Ned continues to spank her breasts and then in modified missionary with her legs over his shoulders.  They are intense and hot burning with visible passion in what they’re doing.  Maggie returns to doggy style with the Hitachi workign away and then Ned gets a blow job with the Hitachi teasing him as well.  There’s more missionary after this that ends with Ned coming on Maggie’s chest and then licking a trail up to her mouth with declarations of love and kissing.

The final scene is a solo scene starring April Flores.  April is on a bed with a silicone dildo that she gives a blow job to while making good eye contact with the camera.  She even tucks the dildo between her large breasts and sucks it.  She pulls her breasts out after a while and sucks them alittle as well.  She’s wearing black opera length gloves up to this point.  She removes one of them andrips her pink fishnets open and slides her panties over so she can give us a full view of her fingers working her vag.  Eventually she puts the dildo in and fingers her clit while working it in and out, making some wonderful and real noises.  She fucks herself in several different positions with the dildo and ends the scene looking very satisfied.

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