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This is the FOU. Its a bright yellow vibrator (also comes in a bright red) that has a weird little mouth thing at the top. I quickly nicknamed it ‘Pacman’ after I got it in the mail. The FOU is one of Fun Factory’s new vibrators that feature the click n’ charge magnetic charging to allow for a waterproof toy. This line of vibrators ranges from realistic looking toys like the Big Boss to the quirky UFO.  I know from my experience with the Big Boss that these vibrators can pack a major punch of power so I decided to give this wacky looking vibe a try.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box for this neon toy is how small it is.  It easily sits in the palm of my hand and is nicely curved to make it easy to hold on to.  The FOU only measures 3 inches tall and approximately 2.25 inches in diameter. It is kind of adorable in its smallness. The yellow portion of the FOU is made of silicone, which you know I love, and the white part is hard plastic. The white portion of the FOU is where the control buttons are housed. There is also a silver ‘Fun’ on the white portion which is where you line up the charger. The charger is easy if temperamental in use. You just line up the word ‘fun’ on the charger with the ‘fun’ on the bottom of the toy. You’ll know its working when the charger lights up red. The temperamental part is when you go to lay it down. You have to make sure that when you lay the FOU down that it doesn’t press against the charger and cause it to lose contact. Not too hard to manage, but annoying that its an issue. I feel like a stronger magnet would solve this issue.

The three buttons on the bottom of the FOU control the vibration strength and patterns. There is a ‘+’ sign and a ‘-‘ sign as well as an ‘*’. As you’d guess, the ‘+’ sign turns the vibrations on and then increases the strength and the ‘-‘ decreases and turns it off. There are 6 steady vibration strengths that start off at a low medium strength and gradually increase to a handy-buzzy high. The ‘*’ button will take you to the vibration patterns. The first pattern is a fast pulse that operates at the highest vibration intensity. The other 3 patterns are wave type patterns, the first being a faster version and the other getting progressively slower and drawn out.   You can return to the steady vibrations at any time by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button. To turn the FOU off, just press and hold the ‘-‘ button.  I personally love the 4th or 5th steady vibration, depending on my mood and the 3rd wave pattern that is nice and long.

The FOU definitely has some good power but the design of toy translates the vibrations a little differently. First that little mouth at the top is a good bit of fun. It flicks away at whatever you place it against and feels very nice. I personally love it more for stimulating my nipples and exploring erogenous zones than anything else. The flicking does feel great against my clit, but it doesn’t quite bring me to orgasm. The nice thing about the mouth though, is that you can squeeze it together to grip more firmly where ever you have it applied. The size and shape of the FOU allows for the entire body to be turned and used in the way that you need. I prefer a firmer pressure on my clit usually and the body of the FOU allows for me to get that. I can slide it down a little lower to access the firm side and the rub, press, or grind against it till my clit’s content.

So, yes, I like my little ‘Pacman’ vibrator. It won’t replace any of my favorites, but it does provide a unique type of stimulation that I’m happy to add to my toybox.

The FOU comes with 2 storage bags (thank you Fun Factory!!) so you can keep it safe from silicone interaction as well as from lint and hair. To clean the FOU, use warm water and anti-bacterial soap for day-to-day cleaning or a 10% bleach and 90% water solution to sanitize. This is a toy with a motor, so don’t boil it.

Thanks to EdenFantasys for providing the FOU free for an honest review!!


product picture
Clitoral vibrator by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.


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