Icicles No. 20

I’ve tested several glass dildos now so I thought it was time to test a glass vibrator. FunWares carries the Icicles No. 20 which is basically a glass sleeve over a vibrator.  From bottom to top, this vibrator measures 7.25 inches long and approximately 1.5 inches in diameter.  Those blue swirls you see are raised ridges that run around the body.

This is a waterproof vibrator so it can be taken into the shower or bath. It runs on 2 AA batteries that are inserted by unscrewing the black plastic cap. The black cap also houses the control for the vibration which is your basic dial (turn clockwise to turn it on or increase vibration and counter-clockwise to decrease vibration or shut it off). The only vibrations this offers are steady vibrations.

I’m a little disappointed in the look of the Icicles No. 20. The glass sleeve itself is pretty but you can easily see the glue that was used to attach the sleeve to a basic traditional vibrator. It cheapens the look and just irks me. It seems like a better glue for the job or even a little more time placing the glue could have made this look a lot better than it does.  You can see the glue near the bottom (as pictured above) and again just below the ridge of the ‘penis’ head.

This is also a fairly noisy vibrator, which isn’t very surprising since the vibrator itself is a basic traditional vibrator.  I would say that the vibration strength varies from 2 to 7 in strength when you are holding it in your hand.  When inserted, the glass seems to muffle the vibrations some and so they don’t feel as strong.  I do love the feel of the smooth head though.  It feels great sliding over my clit and nice sliding in.  Those blue swirls, on the other hand are not really to my taste.  They are thin and raised and that makes them a little scratching feeling.  They don’t hurt, but they don’t add anything to the experience.  In my opinion, they would work better if they were lower profile and part of the main body, as opposed to laid over it.

So this isn’t my favorite by any stretch of the imagination.  I think my glass dildo preferences lean towards a smoother body with gently raised texture.  If temperature play is your favorite part of glass play, don’t worry, you can still get that from this vibrator. The best way to do this is to run the vibrator under cool or warm water to reach your target temperature. Warm water and anti-bacterial soap is the best way to clean this product between uses.

FunWares has some other glass vibrators that I may check out in the future. They have a pretty great selection of toys available in all price ranges and ship quick and discreetly in plain brown boxes. And, of course, they have amazing customer service as well!

Thanks to FunWares for providing this product free for an honest review.

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