Jollies Luna

A couple months ago, Epiphora announced to the world the return of Jollies toys from Chavez Dezignz. This was huge news to anyone who has been around the sex toy world long enough to remember their unique toys that are designed based on the anatomical shapes of the body. Case in point: the Luna. The Jollies Luna was molded from an actual rectum to create a toy that fits and stays perfectly in place during use.  But what is just as exciting than a different shape?  All the awesome color options they come in!  The Luna comes in a ‘regular’ or ‘deluxe’ version. The regular comes in solid colors of black, blue, green, red, pink and purple while the deluxe comes in fun colors like sparkle and polka dot. My Luna is a polka dot one and it is super cute.

The first thing I noticed when I got my Luna was how long it was. It’s much longer than a lot of anal toys with a total of 6 inches, 5 of those being insertable. The diameter is 1.5 inches at the widest part with the rounded tip being a bit thinner. I love the base on this plug, it is a 2.75 inch by 2 inch oval shape with scalloped edges and a grainier texture than the smooth body to help with grip. This is an amazing and unique feature, in my opinion. Most toys are smooth all over and when your hands are lubed, look out!

In use, there are some positives and negatives but mostly positives. I find it best to start with a smaller plug for warm up or at the least some finger warm ups and slow insertion. And lots of lube of course! Once the Luna is fully inserted it provides a nice full feeling. Due to the length of this plug, when it is all the way in the tip hit really deep. It is almost uncomfortable at first but not in a painful way, in an intense way. If you don’t have it all the way in the design kind of works against you and if you aren’t sitting or laying down it could slip out. But, when it is all the way in and you start jacking yourself off it feels great. That big bump where the curve is crazy perfect. When I get off with this in it stays in, as advertised and allows that full feeling to remain while I just ride the wave of orgasm. So really the only negative is that this is a tad long for my anatomy. I feel like if it was just a half an inch shorter it would be absolutely perfect. This isn’t a plug that I would wear to walk around or for prolonged wear. I feel that its purpose is intended for use during masturbation or sex, but your mileage may vary.
The Luna and all other Jollies toys are made of silicone. As you know, I am a big fan of silicone, especially in anal toys because they can be boiled to sanitize them. They can also be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap for daily use. Jollies has some other anal toy options as well as some vaginal toys that are based on the shape of the vagina. And what’s even cooler is that they can actually make a dildo with just about anything that can be suspended in silicone inside. If you look at their vaginal toys you will see they currently offer custom Jollets. I haven’t tried the Jollet yet but it is definitely on my list! I can’t wait to see what fun designs they come out with. I’m pretty excited to see what they may do for Halloween.

The Luna is a very unique plug that defintely adds a new option to my toy box, as well as some fun color. If you haven’t checked out all their products yet, get over there and start dreaming up the fun things you’d want in a dildo! (A dildo filled with tiny dildos, anyone?)

Thanks to Chavez Dezignz for providing this product free for an honest review!

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  1. Ana Nicole Flanagan "Nikki"

    That is awesome guys, best of luck to the Chavez family on all your success.

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