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Wood toys have long been on my list of things to try. They’re unique in that they are light-weight while being hard, unlike metal and glass toys that can be quite heavy. And, of course, they’re beautiful to look at. The wood toy I finally ended up with is the NobEssence Thrive, which is a beautiful double-ended dildo that has one bulb on one end and two on the other. I got my Thrive from SheVibe who sells their NobEssence toys for lower than any other site I’ve seen. Add that to their already amazing customer service, discreet and fast shipping and you can’t go wrong.

First, a little information about the company that makes these toys. NobEssence was founded in 2005 and has been dedicated to the mission to ‘supply safe, sensual, and sustainable sculptures that work’. They use sustainably managed and/or farmed exotic hardwoods to make their erotic sculptures. They have fifteen different types of wood available that can be viewed on their site. Most stores only carry a few of the different types of wood at a time and can’t guarantee which wood you’ll get, though you can choose on the site. Now, you might be worried about how wood is safe to use due to porosity and the threat of splinters. NobEssence polishes their wood sculptures until they are super smooth and then coats them in their own special sealant called Lubrosity™. Lubrosity™ is certified safe for use in the body and actually works so well in sealing and protecting the wood that it can soaked in water or left in conctact with the body for hours (per their info on the website).

My particular Thrive is a light colored wood. Based on the pictures on the NobEssence site, I think my wood is the Elanthai. It came in a storage box with an elastic string to hold it in place during travel and instructions on how to care for it. The Thrive is 6.5 inches long and has varying diameters. One end has a 2 inch long bulb that is 1.5 inches in diameter and the other has two bulbs, one 1 inch long and the other 1.75 inches long. The smaller bulb is 1.25 inches in diameter and the larger is 1.5 inches in diameter. There is a 1.25 inch neck between the small bulb and the large single bulb end that is .75 inches in diameter.

If you look at the different bulbs, you can see that the smaller bulb is more narrow towards the center of dildo. This plays a big part in the ways it can be used. First, lets talk about the double bulbed end. Unlike a lot of toys, this starts with the biggest diameter on the end, you aren’t easing onto this toy you’re jumpin in with both feet. Apply a little lube (water-based or silicone can be used) and it slides smoothly in, quickly followed by the smaller bulb. Now, here is where the smaller bulb’s shape comes into play. First, the bulbs are very easily felt during insertion so if you pull them out for thrusting you will feel it. The shape of the smaller bulb pulls against you as you pull the dildo out because it gets bigger towards the inserted tip. This kind of prohibits thrusting, at least easily. But that doesn’t make this end of the dildo a loss, by any means. The big bulb still provides plenty of g-spot stimulation with gentle thrusting. And a bonus? That resistance that the small bulb has is great for exercising your pelvic muscles. You can grip against it with your vaginal muscles as you pull gently, working them out.

Now, the small bulb works in the complete opposite when using the single bulbed side. The single bulbed side is much better for thrusting because the longer neck doesn’t offer any resistance. In fact, when inserted down to the smaller bulb, I can get some extra stimulation from it. It feels amazing because it falls right at my vaginal opening during thrusting and rubs in the best of ways. Meanwhile, that bigger bulb is working away at the g-spot, leaving me in a puddle of pleasure.

As far as cleaning your NobEssence toy, its as easy as soap and water. Anti-bacterial soap and warm water, that is. Just be sure to rinse it all the way clean and dry it thoroughly. I prefer to store my Thrive in the box it came in to help protect it from getting damaged.  You should avoid dropping any wood toys to keep from damaging their seal.

I also have NobEssence‘s Romp which is an anal toy. It is also wonderful, but I’ll save review for another time. This is a really great multi-function dildo. Yes, something without a motor is still multi-function. Doesn’t getting off while working out sound like the best kind of workout you’ve ever had?

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  1. Ooooo! I must have it! I actually like the light wood more than I thought I would. I usually prefer the dark colors, but the light is pretty. I think this will be my next NobEssence buy.

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