Pin-Up Vibe & Bombshell Balm

Every now and then a product comes along that surprises me in how good it is.  I mean, I don’t generally have bad products but sometimes I have low expectations.  And I love it when those expectations are far exceeded.  Case in point, the Pin-Up Vibe, a multi-speed bullet vibrator. Most times, a bullet vibrator is a bullet vibrator is a bullet vibrator but the Pin-Up Vibe has a slight edge above the common bullet vibe.

What fist attracted me to the Pin-Up Vibe was the packaging. Each bullet comes in a tin with a classic, sexy pin-up on the cover and measures 4 inches by 3.25 inches and is 1 inch deep with the lid on. The tins are black but the picture on the cover is very colorful. Here are the 3 different covers:

Pretty, yes? I have the blond pin-up and the silver bullet. Oh, did I mention that part? There are 3 different colors of bullets as well. You can choose silver, copper, or ruby for your bullet color. The bullet runs on a single N battery which is included, as well as an extra battery. Buying batteries is a necessary evil (unless you use rechargeable) and specialty batteries can be a pain so this earns extra points with me. And of course, there is also the Bombshell Balm included in the tin, which is basically a peppermint scented/flavored balm that is intended to deliver a tingly sensation.

The bullet itself is 3.25 inches long from the tip of the button to the tip of the bullet. It has a diameter of half an inch and is operated by the button on the bottom. The Pin-Up Vibe has three different vibration settings, all steady vibrations in increasing strength. To get to each vibration, you just press the button on the bottom.

Here are the other colors:

There’s one more thing you may have noticed when looking at the Pin-Up Vibe. The texture of the Pin-Up Vibe is not your average smooth plastic. Yes, it is plastic but it is a pitted, textured plastic. And that is one of the things that sets this bullet apart for me. Instead of just smoothly sliding along like any other bullet, this bullet has a gentle texture that feels amazing. It is subtle enough that it isn’t irritating while providing good stimulation at the same time. And now the other thing that has impressed me with this bullet…the strength of the vibrations! The highest setting is crazy! The vibration strengths on a scale of 10 are a 4 for the lowest, a 6 for the middle, and a 9 for the highest. The vibrations are buzzy and the higher you go the noisier it is, but it is never loud enough to be heard through a door. The longer length means it works great for partner sex in doggy style or for anal. I actually didn’t notice the sound of the buzzing at all during sex, but I was a little distracted. My partner was actually really impressed with this bullet as well. He had fun buzzing it against my nipples and his own. He liked it enough that he wanted info on it so he could recommend it to another friend.

As for the Bombshell Balm, it comes in a little metal container. It is white and smells and tastes minty. I tested it on my nipples and clit and found it most enjoyable on the nipples. I didn’t feel like it did a lot for me clitorally, though I could tell it was there after initial application. I didn’t experience any adverse effects from using the balm on my clit either. On my nipples, it provides a nice cooling sensation on my nipples.

Babeland really carries some of the cutest and unique products. I love this bullet vibe and kinda want the other two as back-ups and so I’ll have all the colors. I know, its silly.

Thanks to Babeland for providing this product free for an honest review!

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