Bobbi Starr’s Shut Up and Fuck

Bobbi Starr is a sexy and hot porn star.  She can deep throat a cock like few others and is just amazing to watch.  This is her movie, Shut Up and Fuck, directed by her and the basic premise of it is that everything is ‘real’.  It is shot in a kind of reality show format and is inspired by the first scene.  The first scene was shot initially when an unplanned scene just kind of happened.

Disc 1:
Scene 1: Bobbi Starr and Nacho Vidal– This scene opens with Bobbi and Nacho furiously making out on the floor as she grinds fully clothed against him.  This is a hardcore make out session complete with heated panting.  Nacho does some weird arm pit licking before stripping Bobbi down and pinning her head down by using her panties as a kind of gag as he continues to lick her….well, everywhere.  He chokes her one handed and two handed and you can see by the look on her face that Bobbi is in that head space.

Nacho begins penetration with his fingers as he pounds away at her pussy with his fingers, Bobbi moaning and finally free of her panty gag.  Next, he explores her ass, licking her pussy a little as he fingers it.  And then magic happens.  He crouches over her 69-style to let her suck his cock and he fingers her til she squirts…twice.  And one time?  It’s while he’s fingering her ass.  I’m just gonna stop here and say how jealous I am of her.



Bobbi demonstrates her amazing deep throat skills next and then some ball sucking as she fingers Nacho’s ass.  She gets to climb on top of him next and ride his thick cock for a while before he lays her down on her back.  Even though they’re in missionary position, it is not boring.  There’s smacking, choking, a foot on her neck (yes, while still in missionary…he’s flexible).  Bobbi eventually ends up with her knees up by her ears as she’s laying on her back, which looks super uncomfortable.  And then its time for doggy style anal.  Bobbi damn near anally fists herself in preparation.  They have anal in doggy and missionary before Bobbi gives Nacho another blow job and is then guided by the hair over to the hardwood floors and a beam to lean against.  There’s a lot of spit exchange in this part, which I’m not a fan of.  Then Nacho slaps and gets deep throated by Bobbi as she’s pinned against the beam.

In the next part it gets kinda gross and kinda intense.  Nacho  makes Bobbi suck up the spit from the puddle of slobber they made.  It turns my stomach…but I pushed through.  And then…he tells her he wants her to be dead.  He wants to fuck a dead girl and not to make any sound.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to think or feel about this scene. It totally caught me off guard in its deepness. And then I watched it again and I was ready for it and it was hot. The level of total submission and commitment Bobbi gives is just massively impressive.   She finally stops being dead after he has his way with her for a while and they move to the couch looking sweet and happy as Bobbi straddles him for vaginal and anal sex.  They go at it against a mirror and then move to the bathroom where Nacho comes on Bobbi’s face.

What I love about Bobbi and Nacho’s scene is their ability to go from hardcore hard fucking to soft and sweet romantic sex. They transition so well and you can tell that they both love it both ways. Neither of them looks like they’re doing a scene for pay or work, they are just having hot, dirty sex.

Scene 2: Annie Cruz and Toni Ribas– Their scene opens playfully.  Toni keeps talking about how he hasn’t had sex in a week and Bobbi keeps saying ‘Go fuck her!’ and he finally figures out she means now.  So he does.  They start out making out against a loft ladder and then Toni starts fingering her.  Their scene quickly progresses to a blow job, followed by side ways standing sex and then another blow job.

They lay down in the spoon position for sex and talk dirty in Spanish.  They move on to missionary and then reverse cowgirl.  Toni seems to have a thing for covering Annie’s mouth throughout the scene.  They move back to spoon and Toni stops to finger her and she ends up squirting all over the place.  The resume fuckign in spoon style and then it cuts to Toni laying on a counter while Annie blows him.  Annie then gets down on her knees for doggy style anal interspersed with oral.  They follow up with girl on top with some choking and foot sucking and lots of squirting and then its back to the spoon position.  The scene ends with Toni coming on Annie’s tongue, though some does escape…

Scene 3: Xander Corvus, Bobbi Starr, and Ash Hollywood– Bobbi takes Ash into the bathroom and talks to her about what she wants from her for the shoot, which includes her being her ‘pet’ and girlfriend for the day and doing everything that Bobbie tells her. Bobbi puts a blindfold on Ash and leaves her alone in the bathroom while she talks to Xander (Ash’s real-life boyfriend). Bobbie tells Xander she wants him to show her how he would ‘handle his girlfriend’ but if he does something she doesn’t like he is the one who will get it because Ash is Bobbi’s girl today.

Xander goes into the bathroom and starts rubbing and squeezing Ash’s boobs as she sits in a chair, whispering to her occasionally. He starts fingering her under her pants after a few minutes as he sucks on her nipples. He pulls his cock out and has Ash start giving him a blow job. Her skills are no where near Bobbi’s but she makes up for it in enthusiasm.

Xander undresses Ash and leans her against the wall as he kiss, licks and smacks her ass. He fingers her briefly and then covers her mouth with his hand as he starts to fuck her from behind. Ash’s pants are still on around her ankles so her legs are forced to say close together. She ends up bent over in the window rubbing her clit as he fucks her for a while. Ash ends up seated on the closed toilet for more blow job action, this time Xander letting her use her hands.

Xander picks Ash up and moves her back to the chair where he removes her shoes and pants while Bobbi talks to her. Then, Bobbi grabs her by the hair and makes her crawl through the loft. She stops Ash on her knees and talks to her about showing Xander how to properly hit her tits…which she then does. She also bites and pinches them before making out with Ash. When she finishes kissing her, she bends Ash over and spanks her ass till there are nice red hand prints on her cheek ans then fingers her in a way that made me jealous! She lightly spanks Ash’s pussy which makes Ash squeal in delight. They start kissing some more and then Xander comes back into the frame.

Xander fucks Ash doggy style using her shirt that is around her waist as a harnessy handle. Ash keeps telling him to fuck her harder, per Bobbi’s instructions. There’s a really hot angle of his cock slamming into her with Bobbi’s pink hand print visible on her ass. Xander moves around for another blow job and Bobbi takes a hold of her and works her head hard and fast on his cock before holding her mouth open for him to fuck. After a little more blowing, Ash gets moved to her back as Bobbi holds her legs open and back. Xander fucks her as Bobbi goes from holding her legs to hair pulling to smacking her boobs. Bobbi eventually takes over rubbing her clit, hard and furious and then Ash is pulled to her feet. She is red all over boobs and ass at this point.





Bobbi pushes her onto her bed and rolls her legs up so her knees are at her shoulders and then licks and fingers her pussy. Seriously…Bobbi could finger me any day she likes…After fingering her with all four fingers from both hands, Bobbi has Ash suck her fingers and then slaps her cheek as she kisses her. As Bobbi is straddling her, Xander comes in and starts fucking her. Ash is pinned with her legs by her shoulders because Bobbi is over her legs. This would only be hotter if Bobbi took her pants off (removes her shirt in the middle of this scene). Bobbi hops off after a little bit and Xander keeps fucking Ash while holding on to her throat. Shortly after, Ash screams out that she is coming.

When Bobbi got off of Ash earlier, Ash said she needed some water…Bobbi brough some to her, just not the way Ash had thought she would. Bobbi moves her to her knees after she comes and then spits water into her mouth. Xander shows back up for another blow job and Ash seems far more able to take him now. Then, he bends her over and takes her against the book case before leading her by the hair, on her knees, over to Bobbi. Bobbi holds her head back by hear hair as she asks Ash if she wants Xander’s come. Bobbi is sooo in control here and it is hot. She tells Xander he is going to come and where and how to come. He does just what she says and comes in Ash’s mouth and on her face and then Ash finds any that missed and moves it to her mouth. Bobbi then stands over her and spits into her mouth. The scene ends with Bobbi asking Ash if she feels like a whore now.

Scene 4: Aiden Starr and Sinn Sage– Aiden and Sinn start the scene by looking at a magazine full of gaping anal shots. They talk about body preferences and other things for a while before finally getting started. Aiden kicks it off by taking her top off and Sinn starts touching and squeezing her boobs. Soon both ladies are naked above the waist and Sinn is getting her own boobs squeezed as well as smacked.

Aiden fingers Sinn briefly before they rearrange so she can give her oral. Sinn kisses Aiden’s feet and teases her boobs before Aiden’s pants even come off and then she finally gets her down to her panties, which she uses to tease Aiden’s clit. She gets the panties off and stops to kiss Aiden for a while and then playfully smacks Aiden’s hand away from her clit so she can start licking her. Sinn is being a bit of a tease which is driving Aiden crazy. She finally gets down in it and gives Aiden oral for a good long time. They stop briefly for a kiss and then Sinn climbs up on the couch with Aiden’s legs pushed back and grinds her pussy against Aiden’s. There’s a little bit more oral for Aiden and the Sinn goes and gets her strap-on.



Aiden is perched on the arm of the couch as Sinn eases the cock in. After a little bit of this, they move back to the main part of the couch where Sinn lays down and Aiden gets on top to ride her cock. Aiden blows the cock and gets titty-fucked before Sinn bends her over for doggy style. She blows the cock some more afterwards and that is pretty much the end of the scene.



Disc 2:
Scene 5: Dana DeArmond and Tommy Pistol– The scene opens up with Dana getting all her stuff situated as she walks around naked. Then Dana gets dressed and Tommy lays on the bed as Bobbi talks to them about how excited she was that they were going to be in the scene. Dana and Tommy sit on the bed awkwardly and talk about folding t-shirts and who should be in charge. Dana finally gets things started by climbing behind Tommy and rubbing his face in her boobs before fingering his mouth. She starts kissing him and they progress to where his head is shoved down into her jeans-clad crotch as she wraps her legs around him. He is kissing and biting her through her jeans until she finally pulls them down and shoves his face into her ass crack.

Dana arches her back and bucks her ass and pussy back into Tommy’s face as she rubs his cock with her foot. She takes his belt and wraps it around his neck as she kisses him, using it like a leash. She starts jacking him off and sticks most of her hand in her mouth which is followed by his hand. Every time Dana tries to put her hands in Tommy’s mouth he gags within seconds. Dana spits in Tommy’s face at his request and then gives him a ‘foot job’ as he spits onto his own cock. She has her fingers in her pussy as she’s doing this and then bends a leg up and puts her foot in her own mouth has he sucks the other. She is reaaallly flexible.

Dana’s pants finally come off and Tommy fingers her and licks her ass. Dana likes to shake her ass cheeks as she’s being pleasured and loves having her asshole tongued. At one point she has a bit of a gape going on. She kind of throws Tommy back on the floor and pounces on his cock, deep throating it like its nothing. They spit on each other and then she takes off her shirt and returns to his cock. He holds her in place with his feet as she sucks his balls. There’s a lot of spitting and slurping. Tommy uses Dana’s hair as a handle and holds her head still as he fucks her mouth hard and fast.

Dana straddles Tommy and rubs her pussy on his cock while spitting on him and holding his head sideways. When she finally puts his cock inside her, she is leaning back on her hands with her feet on his chest. He pumps up at her from below before she returns to rubbing against him and then she slips his cock into her ass. Tommy sucks her foot for a while and then she puts all four fingers in her pussy while fucks her ass from below. She climbs off his cock and takes it into her mouth all the way down to the base.

They kiss for a while, put hands in Dana’s mouth, finger her ass and then he fucks her in the ass in a ‘pile driver’ position. Then he puts his cock in her mouth in the same position. He drags her over to him on the carpet to kiss her and slap her boobs as she rubs his cock. Tommy lays down on his back and Dana sits on his cock sideways so she can hump his leg as she fucks him. After she comes, she turns around to face him arched away from him. There’s more anal in a position I’m not even sure what to call…and then he bends her over on her knees to show her gaping asshole and finger it.

Honestly, their scene goes on for a looong time. It includes more sex in both vag and ass, more oral for both, and some intense orgasms that leave both of them shaking. The scene ends with Tommy coming in Dana’s mouth and her blowing bubbles and playing with his come. He kisses her sweetly on the cheek and thanks her at the end of the scene.



Scene 6: Sparky Sin Claire, Bobbi Starr, and Ethan Hunt– Bobbi and Sparky are talking at the beginning of the scene about expectations. They talk about what Sparky likes and doesn’t like and the only dislikes she can come up with are pussy torture and fisting…and Bobbi double checks if she means vaginal or anal fisting (both dislikes for Sparky). Bobbi decides its time to get down to business and starts making out with Sparky. Bobbi always looks so happy when she’s got a girl by the hair and at her mercy. She holds on to one of Sparky’s pigtails as she licks her throat and pinches her nipples.

Sparky is moved to the floor on her knees as Bobbi continues to tease and torture her boobs. She makes Sparky crawl across the floor as she holds her by her hair and then gets down on the floor with her to kiss and slap her around. She bends her over for a camera view of her ass and spreads her cheeks apart, spitting on her before tonguing her asshole. Bobbi then pulls her up and asks her what she wants and Sparky hotly says ‘I want you to do whatever you want to do to me’. Bobbi responds by fingering her mouth and then Ethan shows up.

Bobbi shoves Sparky’s face into Ethan’s clothed crotch semi-smothering her a bit as she teases him. Spaarky pulls Ethan’s cock out and takes it deep in her mouth between kissing Bobbi. She gets her ass smacked as she does this and then gets her faced smacked with his cock. Bobbi then lays her down starts spanking and fingering her pussy. Ethan stands over Sparky’s head for a blowjob as Bobbi continues to finger her. She has both hands pressed together with all four fingers assaulting her pussy as she gargles away at his cock.

After some begging by Sparky, Ethan finally puts his cock in her and Bobbi crouches over her face for oral. She stands up and slaps Sparky’s face left and right before Ethan holds her by the neck. Ethan gives Sparky oral as Bobbi crouches over her face again and then returns to fucking her. Bobbi can’t resist slapping and biting the foot up by her face. After some more kissing, spitting and fucking, Bobbi moves her over to the chair she started in. She has Sparky straddle the chair backwards and starts fingering her asshole. She soon has all four fingers in and is spanking her ass as she works. She is definitely toeing the line of Sparky’s dislikes. Bobbi bites Sparky’s ass cheek and then makes her look at it.

Ethan comes up from behind and Bobbi tells him to ‘fuck this whore in the ass’. He happily complies. She is completely ready after Bobbi’s fingering and looks lost in a sex haze as he fucks her. Bobbi continues to slap her for a bit and then leaves them alone to fuck. She return s a little while later to kiss, hold and spank her while Ethan continues. While Bobbi was gone, she put on her strap-on. Bobbi makes Sparky ‘slither over to a different spot in the room and then Etan fucks her from behind while Bobbi puts her strap on her mouth. She also goes down on Bobbi during this scene. Bobbi tells her to get the silicone cock ready for her pussy with a blow job and then has her climb on top.

Sparky bounces up and down on Bobbi’s cock as Bobbi slaps her breasts and ass. Sparky grinds on her until she comes and then again. Ethan stands off to the side and watches for a while until Sparky asks for his dick in her ass, which he brings. Sparky has both Ethan’s cock in her ass and Bobbi’s cock in her pussy for a while. She gets down to blow Bobbi again as Ethan continues fucking her ass and then they move to the bedroom. Sparky blows Ethan and then Bobbi joins in. Sparky gets in reverse cowgirl for more double penetration. After this, Sparky blows Ethan while Bobbi does her doggy style and the scene ends with Ethan coming on Sparky’s cheek.


Scene 7: Skin Diamond, Mark Wood, and Mr. Pete– This scene opens with Skin being blindfolded after talking to Bobbi and giving oral to both Mark and Mr. Pete. They take turns slapping and pinching her breasts as they fuck her mouth hard and fast. Next Skin is bent over with her head on a counter as one of the guys fucks her ass. So far they haven’t shown the guys faces in the shots really. When Mr. Pete moves in to switch places for his turn, you finally see his face. He slaps Skin’s ass intermittently as he fucks her. Mark moves in front of her so she can suck his cock as Mr. Pete continues from behind.

Skin is moved over to another counter top and laid down across it. Mark fucks her while Mr. Pete smacks her boobs and kisses her a little. Skin comes during this part making primal noises as she does. She is then forced down on her knees and made to crawl across the floor to the couches. She climbs on Mr. Pete’s cock and Mark stands over them for her to suck his cock. Next, Skin is on her kness on the couch as Mark fucks her from behind. She comes for him again, seems like has the magic touch.

The guys switch places again and Mark gets a blow job while Mr. Pete is having sex with Skin. She gets some more ass smacks during this scene. She then straddles Mark in reverse cowgirl while blowing Mr. Pete. They switch places several more times on the couch and the floor and finally remove Skin’s blindfold later in the session. She is covered in sweat as the scene progresses, but troops along. The scene ends just as it started, with Skin on her knees between them. They take turns coming into her open mouth.

So, is it hot?  Yes!  Bobbi Starr is amazing as both a performer and director.  You can see how much she enjoys being in the scenes.  She picked a great mix of performers for this project too.  Everyone seemed to be just IN the moment.  Ash Hollywood is adorably cute and sexy while Dana is way down and dirtier than I imagined, especially with how the scene began.  The men didn’t disappoint either!  Most of the scenes are pretty lengthy, but none are boring.  Should you check this movie out?  Only if you like hot, hot sex.  You can rent or buy this movie from SugarDVD, a website that carries tons of porn for rent by mail.  Their mailers are discreet and they even have Video-on-Demand options.  If nothing else, I get the opportunity to check out a lot more stars as I discover them! You can see more of Bobbi Starr on her website too.

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