Tantus Ryder

The Tantus Ryder is one of those must have toys. Touted as a ‘toybox staple’ by Epiphora, this is undoubtedly one of the best plugs out there. Tantus released their limited edition neon line last year and ever since then I have been drooling over the different toys available. I’ve finally managed to acquire one of each color: the Electric Orange Echo, the Lime Green Acute and now the Hot Pink Ryder.  These colors are ridiculous and awesome, how could I not want one of each??

But, back to the Ryder. What makes this such a great plug? First and foremost is the shape. This plug is slightly smaller at the tip with a very gradual increase in size as you move down the body. The diameter at the widest point is 1.5 inches and the total length is 4.5 inches long. The insertable portion of the plug is approximately 3 inches long with an inch long neck that is about an inch in diameter. What does that mean to you and your butt? Well, it isn’t a beginner toy for most people. It takes a little bit of warm up, but nothing elaborate, and plenty of water-based lube. The slightly smaller tip allows for you to press gently and ease in after warm up. Then, just slowly press as your body allows until the Ryder is fully inserted. The nice long neck allows your muscles to relax around the smaller diameter and the flared rectangular base fits sooo nicely between your butt cheeks.  The silicone Tantus use is wonderful, and that’s another reason this plug is so great. It is smooth to the touch and firm but has a little bit of give.

There’s one more reason I love this plug and that is how it feels and works with other toys. A lot of anal toys seem to have a bit of a curve or are longer and don’t work as well for me with toys inserted vaginally. Not so with the Ryder. I can insert the Ryder and use both firm and girthy toys without feeling like I’m fighting or pushing on the plug. And I get the pressure that I love from plugs as well as feeling full. And orgasms? Amazing and the Ryder stays put!! And of course, the flared base is wide enough that I feel totally comfortable lounging in this plug.

Like the sound of all that but neon isn’t your thing? Tantus has got you covered! They make a black and a purple Ryder too!

And, for a limited time, you can get a neon Ryder or the classic Ryder for 60% off in Tantus‘s closeout sale with the code “CLOSEOUT60”. All purchases will ship 1/2/12.

Get your own Ryder today and experience the wonder that it is!

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  8. I really adore these colours, I cant decide which is my favorite so like you it would be great to have all 3. Thanks for the detailed review.

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