Vamp Silicone Lolita

For months now I have been lusting after the beautiful silicone creations made by Vamp Silicone. I finally got the chance to explore and review one, thanks to SheVibe!  They have a pretty good selection of Vamp Silicone toys on their site. One I’ve had my eye on for a while is the Elvis, which looks particularly delicious and realistic (aside from the color).  But more than that, I was curious to try their silicone which comes in ‘regular skin’ and ‘soft skin’.  I’ve tried Tantus (regular and O2), Vixen Creations (regular and Vixskin), and many other silicone brands, but I was missing Vamp from my collection.

This is Vamp’s Lolita dildo in their ‘softskin’. Mine is red and white marbled swirl and beautiful!  On the Vamp Silicone site you can see the various colors they have available for their toys, though most retailers only carry a few at a time.  As you can see in the pictures, this is a short and fat dildo, something my collection was lacking.  The measurements of Lolita are approximate 5 inches insertable with a 1.5 inches diameter and a 3 inch diameter flared base (making this harness compatible and anal safe).  There is a hole in the bottom of the dildo for a bullet if you want to add some vibration to your play.  The initial hole is a square that measures to just under an inch and then narrows into a round hole the size of a bullet vibrator.  The bigger square makes the first inch of the dildo a little bit squishier since it doesn’t have any filling, but when a bullet is placed inside it becomes much firmer.

Ok, enough basic info on this dildo. Lets get down to what you really wanna know…how it feels in use. I admit that the size of this dildo definitely had me underestimating it. The first time I used the Lolita I had warmed up first with another slimmer dildo and a vibe. I lubed the dildo up and pressed it against my vaginal opening and it slowly started to press in and suddenly there was a ‘pop’ feeling as the head slid in. It kind of caught me off guard and I actually started giggling in delight. I know. I felt silly. I continued to slide the Lolita in and out, enjoying a full feeling. This is a short dildo, so I can take it all the way to the base without trouble which turns out to be one of my favorite things about this dildo.  The nice curve of the dildo curves and cups me internally in an amazing way so that every time I thrust with it everything gets rubbed.  As I said, I like that I can take this to the base.  This is because I can thrust away while using a vibe on my clit and when I get close to orgasm, I can fully insert the dildo and close my legs as I continue to work with the vibe.  I get to keep that nice full feeling as I push over the edge and it feels soooo good.  This is something I discovered through partners that I like to do when not having actual sex.  For some reason I like to close my legs…I can’t explain why.  So, not having an couple extra inches of dildo sticking out makes this even easier.

I used the Lolita with and without a bullet. Without a bullet, the hole for the bullet works as a good place for my fingers as I’m holding the base for thrusting. With the bullet, the base has to act more as the handle, but the dildo is firmer all the way down. I chose to use the Pin Ups Glitter Bullet Vibe because it is a longer bullet and offers 3 speeds. I didn’t actually think the vibrations would make a big difference in my enjoyment of this dildo but they did add a little something extra. I would definitely recommend trying it both ways before you decide.

As far as the silicone goes, it feels great.  It is nice and squishy but still firm enough to stimulate.  The softskin isn’t like the O2 of Tantus or the Vixskin of Vixen Creations which both feel like a softer layer outside with a firmer inside.  It does have all the same wonderful advantages of silicone such as being non-porous and easy to clean.  Specifically, you can clean this with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, toy cleaner, boiling or running through the dishwasher.  Silicone is definitely one of my favorite materials because it is so high quality while being so low maintenance.

So to sum it all up…yes, I love my Lolita! It was worth the wait to get a Vamp Silicone toy to try and now I only want more!! One thing though, the Lolita isn’t available from SheVibe yet. If you think the Lolita is something you’d like to try, drop the folks at SheVibe a line telling them! A lot of the Vamp Silicone line they currently carry has been brought in by customer request, your pleas won’t go unheard! In the mean time, check out the other Vamp Silicone products. You know you want the Elvis as much as I do…

Thanks to the wonderful folks at SheVibe for providing this free for an honest review!

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  1. Oh, wow. Vamp makes such pretty toys! I didn’t know about this company before now…and I am in lust. *shakes fist* You are not helping my toy habit with your awesome reviews of toys I cannot afford! lol

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  14. I

    The Lolita looks absolutely lovely! Never thought shorter dildos would be as satisfying as you made this one sound.

  15. I got one to review too and I love it! It’s by far one of my favorite dildos.

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  21. Would you say that the soft skin version is floppy? Trying to decide between the regular skin and the soft skin version. Thanks!

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