Kinklab Bondage Tape

I’m always looking for something new to try out and Kinklab’s Bondage Tape is just that.  You can get it in pink or black and it is nicely inexpensive.  The name Bondage Tape might be a little misleading. In truth, the only thing that this Bondage Tape has in common with real tape is its look. Yes, it sticks, but only to itself. There is absolutely no worry of it getting caught on hair or pulling painfully on skin.

So what is it, exactly? Bondage Tape is thin strips of PVC. It is 2 inches wide and a roll contains 65 feet of tape, so you have plenty to work with. You can cut it in smaller pieces for certain tasks or you can use a roll in one long piece until you reach your goal. The best part is that it is completely reusable. If it folds over on itself, it is extremely easy to unfold and roll back onto the roll. It might have a few wrinkles here and there, but it isn’t too bad.  It does have a very faint smell to it that is a kind of rubbery smell.  I did notice it lingering a little on my skin after first removing it but the smell fades very quickly.

I found the best way to use this tape is to wrap it in a spiral overlap.  If you try to just wrap it around and around itself in the same row, it will just unravel when you pull against it or sometimes if you just let go.  I’m not sure why the spiral wrap works so much better, maybe more pieces sticking together helps support it better?  Either way, this is key to making this tape work. Once the tape is in place I found I’m able to pull against it and it doesn’t cut in painfully and holds well. The tape feels like it stretches a little but there’s no evidence of it on the tape itself.  This is still most definitely a more bondage-lite product than a lot of things out there.  It actually would be a great introduction to bondage for someone who is curious but not ready to dive all the way in.

Where can this tape be used on the body? Anywhere, really, except over the mouth and nose or around the neck. Anywhere else if fair game! I like to use it as a blindfold and arm/wrist restraint mostly. This tape isn’t strong enough for suspension bondage, so please don’t attempt to use it for that!

I love the idea of mixing the two colors, black and pink, together. I think that would be very visually appealing and sexy. They’re made of the same material, so there is no reason you couldn’t do it!

Think you’re ready for something a little more hardcore or just want some accessories to go with your Bondage Tape? Check out Good Vibes selection of bondage items! Of course, they have a ton of other sex toys and accessories at great prices too.

Thanks to Good Vibes for providing this product free for an honest review!

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