Elden the Faerie Dragon – Medium

It is time for another review of one of Bad Dragon‘s unique fantasy toys. I’ve reviewed one of the Elden the Faerie Dragon dildos before in the small size with the 8 firmness, this review is going to be of the medium sized Elden the Faerie Dragon in the 5 firmness.  In case you aren’t familiar with Bad Dragon, Bad Dragon is a company that makes silicone sex toys based on different species of animals, both real and mythical. They have all kinds of different dragon cocks, naturally, as well as horse, dog, werewolf, gryphons, and other creatures. They don’t just have dildos either, they also have some masturbation sleeves for men, their own lube, and other accessories. As with all their toys, you can customize your toy to any color, choose from 3 firmness options, add a suction cup, or a cumtube.  The three firmness options have been described  as ’8′ being like an erect cock, ’5′ like a flexed forearm, and ’3′ like boobs.  I agree with those comparisons, but the thickness of your toy will also play a role in their squishiness.  A cumtube is a tube that runs up through the toy and allows for lube to be injected into and out the tip of the toy for internal lubrication and cum simulation.  I haven’t tried a toy with a cumtube yet.

But, on to the medium Faerie Dragon.  Mine is a matte black color, no other additional features.  It is 7.75 inches long total with 6.5 inches of it being useable.  The diameter at the widest point is 2.5 inches and at the smallest point is 1.25 inches.  All along the shaft there are ridges and bumps to provide texture.  The widest point of this dildo, and many of the Bad Dragon toys, is referred to as the ‘knot’. The knot is like the built in challenge and satisfaction of filling when you are able to take it fully.

Here are some side by side pics with my small Elden the Faerie Dragon:



But what you really want to know is how it feels to use it.  The length of the medium Faerie Dragon isn’t really anything extraordinary, but it feels totally different to use it. The tip is long and skinny and since it is the 5 firmness it is squishy and takes a small amount of focus to get it inserted initially.   Once its in, there’s no issues of keeping it there.  For me to enjoy the medium Faerie Dragon I prefer to start with just the portion above the knot. Sliding it in and out to feel the bumps and texture is the best part about using the smaller portion and it does lend a nice feeling of filling without felling full. The curve of the arm actually feels really great and I’m able to stroke it against my g-spot, though the softer firmness keeps it from firmly rubbing. After I’ve orgasmed at least once with the smaller portion, I’m able to start working the knot further in. That 2.5 inch diameter is no joke! I kind of have to wiggle and twist it as I ease it in further. If this was a firmness of 8, I don’t think I could take as much of it as I have. That said, I still only get about 3/4 of the way down the knot. This is where the length is kind of an issue. Because the knot is so low on the dildo most of the length is already inserted when I get down that far. That means that it has to kind of bunch up inside my vag. Since the silicone is soft and squishy, this isn’t uncomfortable but a little disconcerting the first time I tried it. Having the portion before the knot mushed in lends a very full feeling to the medium Faerie Dragon. I think if it was a 3 firmness or just a bit shorter I’d be able to get that knot all the way in.  All in all, this is a really fun dildo that adds some variety to my collection.  Here are the dimensions of the different sizes:

As far as care, this silicone can be cleaned like any other silicone.  You can wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, boil it for 3 minutes, or toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher without soap.  Make sure you store it so that it isn’t touching other silicone products and use only water-based lubricants.

My David the Werewolf is still my favorite Bad Dragon toy, but my medium Faerie Dragon is definitely fun to play with.  The next Bad Dragon toy I’ll be review will be the Tailstretcher, so be sure to check it out!


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  1. Ooh, your Faerie has such pretty colouring! I’m rather jealous of your Bad Dragon stash. 😀

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