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Finding fun great new things to use in the bedroom; whether they are toys, movies, or other sex aids, can sometimes be a challenge. Sometimes a sexy outfit is fun or a raunchy video can get things hot but what about something that is for those sweeter, slow-burning heat moments? Massage oils can be messy, but one of the newer things on the market makes up for that. Check out the Babeland Body Massage Candles. These are candles that are designed to be used as a massage substance when melted.

The candles are made of soy wax, shea butter, and fragrance and nothing else.  Soy wax is a hydrogenated form of soybean oil which has a lower melting point than most candle waxes.  That means that it takes less heat to get the melty wax  you want for pouring on yourself…which means the wax is a little bit cooler and less likely to burn.  Of course, when you use this wax, you should blow the candle out first and then let it cool a little.  Shea butter is a moisturizer in many lotions and other cosmetics. The Babeland Body Massage Candles come in four different scents: Mango Vanilla, Rice Flower, Pashmina, and Citron Fig.

The Babeland Body Massage Candles that I got for review are all the 1 oz size (they come in 1 oz in metal tins that burn for 3 hours or 3 oz in glass votive that burn for 21 hours) and are Mango Vanilla, Rice Flower, and Pashmina. I really wasn’t sure what to expect of the Pashmina scent and I’m finding it kind of hard to describe. It is definitely a pretty scent and it makes me think of a clean, floral, sexy smell. It has a sharpness and a sultriness to it that are very pleasant. The Rice Flower is a soft, sweet creamy smell and my favorite of the three. Mango Vanilla smells mostly vanilla to me with a bit of exotic fruit mixed in, though I did notice the mango more after applying it to skin.

To use these candles, you should light them ahead of time and let the wax melt until you have enough to pour out. As I mentioned earlier, you should let the wax cool a little before pouring it on yourself or your partner. If you aren’t sure if it is cool enough, you can easily test it by dipping a fingertip into the wax, it doesn’t take long to cool to a good temperature. I used it a little soon on my first go round and all that resulted was a little redness that faded within the hour. Once you pour it on, the real fun starts. The warmed wax feels exquisite! It glides smoothly like an oil while moisturizing your skin like a lotion. A little wax goes a long way and the warmth of it adds that little extra something to put this above regular massage oils. And you’ll smell great afterwards too! The wax absorbs into your skin after a while and leaves skin soft and smooth. I can definitely feel it on my hands after application in a thick moisturizer way (not sticky), but I don’t notice any residue feel on other parts of my body. The real bonus? The next day, after showering, skin where wax was massaged in feels extra soft and moisturized. Its kind of like giving your skin a mask treatment.

I love these little candles. They smell good, feel good and leave my skin feeling good. I need to get the bigger sizes and of course I want to smell the Citron Fig. Like I said, the Rice Flower candle is my favorite. The scent is subtly sensual and oh-so-creamy. If you aren’t sure which one to try, I recommend it!

None of these scents sound right for you? Check out Babeland’s other massage options. They have a wide selection of oils and candles that will surely have one that will work for you. Pick up a new toy, lube, or movie to ride along with your new candles and you can’t go wrong.

Thanks to Babeland for providing these candles for free for an honest review!

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