Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex

The next porn I picked from my long list of must-sees is Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex. This is the first one of the series of three she has done (so far). The Rough Sex series is porn that has scenes designed by the actresses in them that are rough or controversial. All of it is done willingly and they even get to pick the actor they work with.

Adrianna- Breaking and Entering:
Before the scene begins, Adrianna and Marco are both interviewed about why they like rough sex, how the first tried rough sex, and their limits. This gives a clear understanding to the viewer that the scenes you are about to see are consensual. After the interview, the scene begins with Adrianna taking a shower with a Tristan plug inserted. She removes the plug as she continues her routine.

When she gets out of the shower Marco is there and grabs her. He has her by the neck and turns her around to begin kissing and touching her. Pretty soon Marco is naked too and Adrianna is on her knees getting spanked while she deep throats Marco’s cock. Marco takes Adrianna by her hair and walks her on her hands and knees from the bathroom to the bedroom where they continue with the blow job before he bends her over for doggy-style sex. There is some more cock sucking, which Adrianna is amazing at, and then Adrianna is on top for anal in reverse cow girl. They have anal sex in multiple positions some of the time with choking and others with breast squeezing. At one point, Adrianna pulls out the Hitachi and gets off several times. The scene ends with Marco coming in Adrianna’s hair.

Satine- Stranded:
This scene starts Satine and Derrick. My favorite quote of the interviews comes from this section. Satine says she likes to be marked up because it is like a history, you can look back and remember how you got the marks. I totally feel that way. I love hickies, bruises, minor injuries that remind me of the mischief I’ve been up to. Anyways, back to their scene, Satine wants to be stranded on the side of the road when a helpful stranger comes along. Once she borrows his phone to call for roadside assistance, they find out that she is stuck waiting for 3 hours.
After these two flirt a bit, they begin kissing. Derrick slowly eases Satine into more and more. There is a hot intensity that builds between these two as the scene progresses which gets me super turned on. Once Satine starts sucking Derrick’s cock, the roughness begins. There is some slapping, hair pulling and choking before Derrick bends her over the car and starts fucking her. Best visual: perfect hand prints left from the smacks on her ass as he fucking her. Derrick is quietly in control throughout the whole scene. He randomly smacks breasts, thighs, and face as well as chokes Satine who reacts with horror at first, but is clearly enjoying herself. They fuck on the hood of the car in missionary, blow job outside the car and then Satine is on top inside the car. At the end of the scene, Satine lays on the ground and Derrick stands over her to come on her chest, neck, and face.


Francesca- Taking Over:
The third scene is between Francesca and Christian. Francesca wants to be in charge and the rough one in her scene. Her character is the ignored housewife who takes control of her husband who is always in control at work and home.
Francesca gets dressed is a sexy corset, thigh highs, and heels before she walks over and takes her phone from her husband. She slaps him and teases him and spits on him and then tells him he’ll do everything she wants…and he does. There is really a lot going on in this scene including blow jobs, face sitting, sex in multiple positions, spitting, slapping, a few spanking implements, and lots of enjoyment for both parties. Instead of a cum shot, this scene ends with his cell phone ringing.





Marie- Caught:
Marie and Julius are acting as boyfriend and girlfriend and Julius finds out that she has cheated on him. After a confrontation they have rough make-up sex. The scene starts with Julius confronting her and then making her show him her pussy to prove she hasn’t had sex that day. He starts fingering her and then pushes her on her knees and holds her by the hair to make her start blowing him. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying the blow job but soon seems to get into things.
Julius puts her on her knees to fuck her doggy-style while his thumb teases her anus. there’s a lot of hair pulling, fingers in her mouth, and breast squeezing. Marie gets on top next while Julius restrains one of her arms. They both seem to be enjoying this part for sure. There is some more cock sucking and then Julius holds Marie over the bed and bounces her on his cock…pretty fucking impressive. They have sex doggy-style again, in spoon position, and then standing in front of a mirrored closet door with her bent over leaning on it. The scene ends with Julius coming on the mirror and Marie lickig it off.




Sasha- Switched:

Sasha and Danny wild are the stars of the next scene. Sasha’s interview is pretty hot. I love how she talks about being a ‘pain slut’ and the different things she loves. Danny’s point of view is also pretty hot…he clearly gets the whole rough sex idea and understands there are lines and boundaries.
Ok, on to the scene…Sasha and Danny spend a little time talking to each other about what they like because they have never worked together. Some of it we heard in the interview but seeing how they negotiate their limits is cool. Then they get down to business. Right off the bat, Danny slaps Sasha across the face and grabs her neck and pushes her down onto her knees. There’s some spitting into mouths and then a forceful blow job. Danny has Sasha by the hair and she takes every inch of his cock. She is rivaling Adrianna’s skills from the first scene. Next, Danny bends Sasha over the pool table and starts spanking her ass before fucking her. Sasha doesn’t hesitate to take her own pleasure into her hands and rub her clit with one hand while he chokes and slaps her. Sasha begs to be choked and for Danny’s cock back in her pussy, which is all really hot. Danny then lays her back on the pool table and hops up with her for missionary sex. Of course, there is choking and some leg slapping in their missionary. Sasha has him lay back for more cock sucking and then tells him to turn over ‘like a good fucking bitch’ so she can lick his ass. She spanks his ass and has him stroke his cock, occasionally licking his balls. This is probably the most intense and involved rim job I’ve seen in porn so far. After the rim job, Sasha gets on top for sex which seems oddly silent until the camera pans out to show Sasha covering Danny’s mouth. Danny chokes her and slaps her while pulling her hair and pounding into her from below. Then she flips the script on him again and starts choking him and covering his mouth. Sasha turns around for reverse cowgirl and comes hard while yelling at Danny ‘Choke me, you better choke me you piece of shit!’ as he yells back at her to ‘shut the fuck up’. Its all pretty hot and intense.

And then…Danny slaps Sasha’s boob, which was one of her ‘no’s’. He immediately apologizes but she isn’t going to let it slide. She makes him remove her stocking and then puts her foot in his mouth. She’s trying to fit as much of it in as she can as his punishment. When he sits up and apologizes again she says that’s what she was waiting for, pushes him back ans starts fucking him furiously. I think it was kind of a bonding moment for them.

Next, they hop down from the pool table and Sasha faces the wall while Danny fucks her from behind.  After a while of this, with plenty of slapping and other roughness, they get down on the floor with Sasha on top again.  The scene ends with Danny coming into Sasha’s open mouth.

I liked a lot of this porn.  A lot.  But I’m not a fan of the spitting into people’s mouths, which seemed to be in most of the scenes at least a little.  My favorite scene was Sasha and Danny’s, which met my high expectations.  The ranking of all the scenes from favorite to least favorite for me is scene 5, scene 2, scene 1, scene 4, and then scene 3.  I thought I’d be more into Francesca’s scene because I occasionally like to be the dominant one, but I think there was just too much going on for me.

The success of the scenes was largely due to the fact that everyone in the scenes was all-in on the concept and their roles.  Every single actor had experience in rough sex and knew that they enjoyed it.  I think it also helped that the females got to pick their male co-star because you know they were turned on by them which upped the chemistry.  I’m a fan of the Rough Sex series, no doubt about it!

If you want to check out any of the series, you can buy them from Good Vibrations or you can rent them from SugarDVD.  I also have Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry series on my must-see list, so stay tuned for my thoughts on those too!


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