Veronica Harness

This is quite possibly the cutest strap-on I’ve ever seen.  And it is just as cute in person!  This is the Veronica Harness from Velvet Nest and available from Good Vibrations.  Yep, those are a polka dots you’re seeing.  I know, polka dots!!

Cute isn’t the only thing going for this sexy harness.  This is a 100% cotton harness that has adjustable leg and waist straps and is machine washable (always a perk in my book).  Not only is this a highly adjustable harness it also comes in three different sizes.  Now you might wonder why you’d bother having different sizes when it is adjustable.  I’d guess that smaller women appreciate not having large wings hanging from their hips when adjusting a harness for their needs.  So, no creative tucking or knot tying for the excess.  The three sizes are divided by hip measurements: XS/S- 34 inches to 38 inches, M/L- 38 inches to 42 inches, and 1X/2X- 42 inches to 48 inches.

Now, looking at the picture, this looks like a panty harness with a stretchy ring in the front. But that is not the case at all. Just below the hole for the dildo the leg straps separate and go only around the thighs. They look like the straps on other harnesses or like a jock strap. And that hole for the dildo? It isn’t stretchy, its an adjustable velcro holder! There are two flaps, one on each side, and when you lift them a smaller tab that is connected to the two thigh straps is exposed. The smaller tab is removable for positioning and has the soft fuzzy part of the velcro. Both the back and top tab have the scratchy velcro so that the smaller tab can be secured between them. The tabs can securely accommodate up to a 2 inch diameter dildo. I tried it with my Tantus Flurry (1.5 inch diameter) and my Vixen Creations Maverick (2 inch diameter) and both stayed in place without problem. I actually liked the Vixen Creations Maverick a bit better because the wider base hit my clit a little better.

One thing I’ve found in my brief experience with harnesses is that a nice wide strap on the back is a huge plus. It helps support the weight of the dildo, especially if it is a bigger dildo, and doesn’t twist and become uncomfortable. The back strap of this harness is approximately 3 inches at its widest point and tapers out to the metal d-rings that connect the different parts of the harness to approximately 1 inch. The back strap is extremely comfortable and I haven’t once felt that the strap was wiggling around.

The Veronica Harness is very comfortable to wear, I love it. But there’s on plus I haven’t mentioned that is more universal to harnesses with the two straps that go around the thighs. They split to go to their respective sides…and leave a nice opening for access to my pussy. The Veronica Harness is no exception. So, I can go from giver to receiver in no time!  When giving, the base of the dildo (especially wider bases like the Maverick’s) rubs oh-so-wonderfully against my clit.

If you like the design of the Veronica Harness but aren’t into polka dots or want some color, check out the Betty Harness. The Betty Harness is made the same way and from the same company but it is red and white striped.  Also cute, right down to the little bow at the center (Veronica also has a bow).  Like the idea of a harness but don’t think this is the one for you? Check out Good Vibrations guide to picking a harness.

Thanks to Good Vibrations for providing the Veronica Harness for my honest review and pleasure filled testing!

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