Halloween Giveaway!!

It’s time for another giveaway!  I was trying to think of a good them for October and the only holiday is Halloween, which I love…so, that’s what I’m going with.  All the toys in this giveaway are black and orange for Halloween.  I got some fun things put together through several different companies and lots of ways to enter!

First up is a pair of toys from Early to Bed, a Chicago-based store that has a great selection of products. The staff of Early to Bed are very friendly and happy to help find what works for you.  They have happily agreed to offer two items for my giveaway, the Pawn and the Death by Orgasm Bullet.

The Pawn is a bright orange butt plug. It is 3.5 insertable inches long and 1.5 in diameter at its widest point. It is made of 100% silicone, so it is easy to clean and care for with warm water and anti-bacterial soap or sterilizing by boiling or tossing in the top rack of your dishwasher.

The Death by Orgasm Bullet is so cute and perfect for the theme of this giveaway!  The bullet is a 3 speed waterproof bullet that comes with batteries and an adorable coffin storage case.  The bullet measures 2.5 inches long and .5 inches in diameter and is made of hard plastic and can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.


Next up, from Tantus we have the orange Acute and a brand new item, the Flex dildo.

The Acute is a 100% silicone dildo in electric orange that is 5 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter.  It has a lovely angle and is quite divine for anal.  Honestly, my favorite silicone dildo for butt play, hands down.

The Flex is a double penetration dildo.  The main shaft is 5.25 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.  The double penetration is created with a beaded arm that is attached to the main dildo reminiscent of a rabbit vibrator.  The beaded arm is 4.25 inches long and 0.75 inches in diameter.

Babeland has offered up a set as well! You could win a black Laid Cock Ring and Babelicious Flavored Lube in Chocolate Orange.

The Laid Cock Ring is a silicone cock ring that stretches but is also firm enough to help restrict blood flow and give a bigger, harder erection. But its fun for the ladies too because that nice little bump on the top is meant to rub your clit!

The cock ring goes great with the Babelicious Flavored Lube because it is water-based and can help with getting that ring on. And once its on? The flavor of chocolate orange can be enjoyed by both partners.  Not only is it water-based, but Babeland kept it glycerine and paraben free as well!

Next, from Tabu Toys is another great orange item, the Shots Toys Ripple Triple Stimulator.

The Ripple Triple Stimulator is a 100% silicone toy that provides clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation.  It has a 10-speed removable bullet for the clit.  The body is 5.5 inches long with 3.5 of those inches being insertable.  The diameter is 1.25 inches and the silicone is of the softer variety.


And last, but certainly not least, we have a set of toys offered up by Good Vibrations! These are both toys that I have personally tried and loved! This set includes a black Rippler dildo(review here) and an Orange Dream Waterproof Mini Vibrator (review here).

The Rippler is a firm silicone dildo that is 7.25 inches long and is 1 7/8 inches diameter at its widest point. The Rippler has lovely ridges that run the length of the dildo and feel amazing in use. And the base works great in a harness too!

The Orange Dream Waterproof Mini Vibrator is a 4 inch long and 1 inch in diameter vibe.  The orange portion is a silicone sleeve (from Tantus) that has a nice flat surface at the tip which is great for rubbing on your clit. The bullet (also from Tantus) is a single speed bullet with batteries included. It packs a good punch for such a little vibe. The bullet is waterproof and the sleeve is removable (for cleaning or if you want to use the bullet alone).

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  1. Remi

    For Halloween, I plan to have a feast and light candles for the dead.

  2. For halloween, Scary movies in bed with the boyfriend 🙂

  3. Lucidity

    For Halloween I plan to carve pumpkins, hand out candy, and dress up.

  4. potstickers

    For Halloween, I roast pumpkin seeds and hand out candy.

  5. We trick-or-treat with the kids, and always attend a swinger halloween party. I love getting dressed up!

  6. TexasMama

    Wow – great contest. The death by orgasm bullet looks awesome (hope I win).

    Just subscribed to your blog – I followed you here from EdenFantasy.

  7. For Halloween, I’m going to running around my college campus and posing for pictures with strangers! It’s going to be fun. Hopefully I can get an extra “treat” with it.

    Oh, that was an awful joke, wasn’t it?

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  9. Alvaro Salkeld

    Normally I sew my own costume. Last year I made a full set of wolf footie pajamas so I could hang out with my Wild Things.

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  11. Here via flatjean. Unique contest!

    A couple I’m friends with throws a costume party every year. (This year I’m going as Melanie Daniels, from The Birds—found a costume that includes crows!) No matter who or what you come as, the hosts require that everyone wears a stick-on mustache, which they provide.

    And of course, my plans include pumpkins-as-decor. Wouldn’t be Halloween without ’em. I saw these fanged mini pumpkins on tumblr and fell in love with them.

    Do you have Halloween plans (other than orchestrating this giveaway)?

    Crossing my fingers for the Acute!

  12. Erin

    I like dressing up in cheap costumes and giving out candy to kids on halloween C:

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  14. Cristina Wyatt

    Since I live in a very small town in the country we never get any trick or treaters, so we always just invite a few friends and family and have a halloween party.

  15. Sadly, I don’t have any fun plans for Halloween this year.

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  17. Dan

    We just go trick or treating around the neighborhood.

  18. Metis Ithakesios

    I’ll be carving a pumpkin and handing candy out on Halloween, unless I convince my friends to go to a Renn faire 🙂

    As to a preference, I would love the chance to play with the Tantus Acute and Flex.

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  20. Philip

    For Halloween we invite a bunch of friends over and have food. Then once it is dark we take all the kids out trick or treating. Once we get back we kick all our friends out and the kids go down for bed. Then the fun begins. I mean we are already dressed up and everything…

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  22. We don’t do anything for Halloween. It is for amateurs.

  23. prettysilly

    For Halloween, I plan on dressing up in a cute costume and partying with my friends and boyfriend 🙂

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  25. Amanda Starr

    Not sure yet, probably taking the minion out

  26. Draggin the family around the neighborhood asking for candy.

  27. Angela

    Carving pumpkins and taking the family trick or treating.

  28. Sunnie

    We go trick or treating with the kids.

  29. Ashley

    For Halloween I usually go to a party, roast pumpkin seeds, and watch creepy movies. Sometimes I dress up but I don’t think I’ll be dressing up this year

  30. Lin

    For Halloween, I celebrate my best friend’s birthday.. in costume of course!

  31. Working. Yep super exciting but hey it buys the chocolates that will probably sit around as no one ever comes by not sure why course that means then I get to enjoy bahahahaha

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  37. 4_chette

    For Halloween, dinner with my boyfriend (it’s his birthday!) and then the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  38. 4_chette

    My favorite toy from Tantus is the Ryder. It’s the perfect shape/size.

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  40. rix

    for halloween the wife and I like to do the normal nice family thing and give out candy to the visiting trick-or-treaters. then, once the front porch light goes off, we watch a movie to set the tone, then meet each other out on the back porch deck (high above the rest of the neighbors) and do not-so-nice family things in the crisp october air.

  41. Teski

    For halloween I usually dress up and go out with my brother for candy! This year though I probably won’t do anything, but I really want to carve a pumpkin… I love halloween!

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  45. MasterV

    Wife and I love to watch movies and play with costumes.

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  49. For Halloween, I’ll be recovering from working all weekend at Ren Faire, so will probably just hand out candy and go crash at the boyfriend’s place after.

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  51. CLP

    For halloween, I go to our indie movie theatre (ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE REPRESENT!!) and watch a scary movie. They usually have something fun on the menu too, last year was a bloody milkshake, which was basically vanilla with strawberry pulp splashed around the glass. Tasty and somewhat graphic, depending on the movie you are watching. 🙂

  52. tina page

    I like to dress up and go dancing….but lately we just carve pumpkins and go trick or treating…i could use a little excitement in my life!;}

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  54. Alison

    I will be taking the kids trick or treating. Then maybe doing some trick or treating of my own 🙂

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  61. I pretty much just give out candy. I guess I’m just a giver by nature. 😉

  62. Rachel

    I love to go out with my friends!

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  64. Jay

    I want the Acute, provided it’s a suction cup I see underneath. I do love doorbanging!

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