Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger

Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger

Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger

I’ve been getting way behind on reviewing lately!  I’m finally getting back on to reviewing and the first item I have up for you is a flogger from Uberkinky, a UK based site that specializes in bondage and fetish gear. The flogger I’ve received for review is the Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger which is a 32″ flogger made of vinyl.

According to the tag that comes on the wrist loop of the flogger, the Sex & Mischief collection is made by Sportsheets, a company that has been around the sex toy and gear scene for quite a while. The materials listed are vinyl, nickel free hardware, and wood. The nickel free hardware is present in the two metal studs that secure the shiny vinyl pieces wrapped around each end of the handle of the flogger. The handle appears to be made of a simple black dowel rod that is wrapped in a solid piece of red vinyl that is then wrapped with a think piece of black vinyl. The falls are attached beneath the shiny black piece that is wrapped around the end of the handle. The handle is approximately 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter with a 4 inch long wrist strap/loop. The falls are approximately 21 inches long and the total length from wrist loop to end of falls is 32 inches. So really, the handle and falls are only 28 inches long.  The falls themselves are approximately a quarter inch in width.

These two studs are the only metal on the flogger.

These two studs are the only metal on the flogger.

This flogger is very light-weight.  If it weren’t for the weight of the swinging falls, I wouldn’t even notice it when just holding it in my hand.  The handle and wrist loop seem best suited for smaller hands and wrists which makes sense with how light it is.  This could still be used by someone with larger hands, it just may not be as comfortable and the wrist loop may not fit.

You can see the size of the wrist loop in comparison to the handle here.

You can see the size of the wrist loop in comparison to the handle here.

The feel of this flogger is a stinging strike that isn’t very intense in nature.  This is definitely designed for light bondage and may be ideal for someone who isn’t a seasoned player, either giving or receiving.  If you aren’t sure what level of intensity you want from a good flogging, this is a good place to start.  The ends of the falls can also be used for some light teasing/tickling for anticipation or sensation play.

The falls are very thin and lightweight.

The falls are very thin and lightweight.

There are no care instruction included with this product but if you need to clean this product you can wash it with warm water, detergent-free soap, and a soft cloth.  Another thing that makes this flogger ideal for beginners is the low price tag.  You can give floggers a try without the hefty price tag that some more heavy-duty floggers come with.

Need more items for your bondage collection?  Check out the selection at Uberkinky. They have something for every kink and affordable prices too.  Check out the other floggers they carry as well to find the right one for you.

Thanks to Uberkinky for sending the Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger free for an honest review!


Live in my Secrets

Live in my Secrets is a Vivid-Alt film is a Kimberly Kane Picture that features ‘extreme hardcore fetish’ from Kimberly’s mind.  The scenes are all a little different and a little dark but plenty sexy.  In between the scenes are some random 8mm style clips of some of the stars and a few extras doing different things.

Scene one stars Kimberly Kane and Mick Blue and starts out in a kind of 8mm looking film reel with the two of them kind pushing each other around.  Before the action really gets started they cut to reguvlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h24m31s174lar film view.  Kimberly is looking pretty hot with her Bettie Page hair style and hardly anything on.  After some messing around a little on the bed Mick pushes Kimberly up against the wall and kisses and touches her before putting her on her knees for a sloppy, slobbery blow job.  The dynamic in this scene kind of goes back and forth.  Mick seems dominant when she’s vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h25m16s106up against the wall but then Kimberly kind of pushes him back to the bed and then continues to blow him.  Then she climbs on top for girl-on-top while he smacks her boobs.  There’s a perfectly framed shot of Jesus between her and Mick in there somewhere.  After they fuck for a while, Kimberly lays down for Mick to finger her hard and fast while they kiss almost sweetly.  And then…well, the dynamic changes again when she grabs him by the throat and pushes him down before telling him to fuck her against the wall.  They do a kind of standing doggie and then switch to oral for Kimberly while she wraps her belt around vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h26m50s19Mick’s head.  They go back to standing doggie for a while, then Kimberly gives Mick a blow job before leading him to a chair and doing reverse cowgirl.  They get back into smacking each other before more oral for Kimberly and then standing missionary sex.  There’s lots of panting and kind of whiny vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h27m36s225moaning that isn’t quite annoying….but its close.  They lay back on the bed for missionary with Kimberly’s legs up in the air and add a little choking in before switching back to oral for Kimberly.  One thing is for sure, Mick is not neglecting the oral.  They have more sex before Mick climbs up Kimberly’s body and thrusts into her mouth while licking and sucking her feet.  This goes on for a while before Mick has Kimberly vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h29m07s112standing doggie again and then she gets down on her knees, wraps the blind cord around her neck, and he comes on her chin.


The next scene starts with another 8mm-style film of two girls, one tied down on an ottoman, the other with a knife and fork, examining the first girls vag and ass.  Claire vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h29m47s253Adams is the one with the knife and fork (and the dominant one I might add) and Bobbi Starr is the one tied up.  Claire fingers Bobbi while eating an apple in the pre-clip, among other things.  Once the real scene starts, Clair comes in to a bound and gagged Bobbie and starts squeezing her nipples and wrapping her arms and hands around her throat.  Bobbi appears to have jaw breaker gag in and drools profusely.  Claire puts nipple clamps around Bobbi’s nipples and plays with her a little, gently smacking them and vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h32m58s114moving them around.  Bobbie is wearing nothing but a rope corset and Clair has her lay on her back so she can crawl up her body and then spit in her face.  She then takes a riding crop to Bobbi’s foot before beginning to tickle it.  This seems to have Bobbi in tears but she keeps her hands up and away.  Claire finally removes Bobbi’s gag and wipes the sugary residue all over her face so that she can lick it off, spit it back on her, and then lick it off again.  Clair climbs up over Bobbi’s face and we see that she has a thick black dildo loaded into her harness.  She proceeds to push it into Bobbi’s mouth as Bobbi lays still with her hands down at all times, even when she’s gagging.  After a little of this, Claire moves down between Bobbi’s legs and uses the dildo for missionary sex while sucking on vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h30m21s83Bobbi’s tow.  She also uses the rope corset for a handle as she thrusts, which is pretty hot, but even hotter when she uses it to pull Bobbi into a sitting position and makes her look at her as she continues to thrust into her.  After a while they have kind of a gentle few moments where Claire talks to Bobbi some before she starts finger her and gives her oral some.  Claire fingers her fast and hard with one hand while rubbing her clit with another and finally gives Bobbi permission to come.  Bobbi has a lot of grunting and moaning in this scene but it seems more genuine than Kimberly’s did.  Claire pulls Bobbi’s hair for a bit and then has her get on all fours and gently smacks her ass with a riding crop a few times before pulling on ropes and then bringing a lubed Pure Wand into the scene.  The Pure Wand is being used anally in this scene and you can just see lube dripping vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h34m15s119everywhere.  She starts with the small end and then switches to the big end, which excites and terrifies me at the same time.  Afterwards, Bobbi sucks the Pure Wand on both ends.  Claire tells Bobbi to go stand by the fireplace and then uses her dildo on her anally as well from behind while they’re standing.  Claire does some impressively flexible moves and the scene ends with Bobbi kneeling on the carpet.

The next clip shows Mandy Morbid walking around in a short dress with nothing underneath, showing off her vag followed by April Flores playing with lizards while nude.

Scene three features Aiden Starr and Tyler Knight and starts off wivlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h34m36s70th 8mm shots of Aiden standing in a stable with a riding crop and very little clothing on next to a horse.  Tyler climbs into some type of sex swing or suspension device or horse sling…I’m really not sure. While in the sling thing there is oral for both of them as well as doggie (or would it be horsey?) style sex.  Tyler gets out of the sling after a while and they make use of a handy post for Aiden to lean against for vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h34m58s35more doggie style.  There’s more oral and a scene of Tyler rubbing his cock all over her boobs before he finally comes on them.


Scene four is between Kimberly Kane and Sasha Grey and opens with Kimvlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h36m44s76berly licking Sasha between the legs with red stuff all over her inner thigh and vag.  Kimblery has bleached blond hair on top and suddenly turns a bottle on the floor to show that the red stuff is strawberry syrup.  They make out and touch each other and spread red syrup everywhere.  Kimberly even dribbles it out of vlcsnap-2013-02-28-01h37m57s34her mouth into Sasha’s.  There’s also plenty of toe sucking in here as well.  I personally don’t love this scene because I have an aversion to other people’s spit.  If we’re not intimate, I don’t really want to see it or think about it.  I love both these ladies, they’re beautiful but the scene wasn’t really for me.


I love this picture.

The best scene of the movie for me was the second scene with Bobbi Starr, though I’m a huge Bobbi fan.  I just loved the use of the rope corset and the toys used in the scene, as well as the genuine connection Claire and Bobbi seemed to have.  I definitely loved some elements from Kimberly and Mick’s scene but some parts where kind of drawn out.

If you wanna check this one out for yourself you can purchase it or rent it here from SugarDVD. SugarDVD is like Netflix for porn and even has streaming movies available.


Njoy Eleven

Njoy Eleven

Njoy Eleven

This is a review that has been long in the works.  Any sex toy reviewer who has been around for five minutes has read about and lusted after this gargantuan toy.  I mean, let’s be honest, it is a beast and so is the price tag on it.  So how does one justify investing money on this unicorn of a dildo?  By reading review after review making your vag yearn for it.  You look at your other toys and wonder how they compare.  And you can’t help thinking about it until you have it in your slippery grip.  Luckily for me, I have an amazing best friend who decided this would be the perfect birthday present for me (I’ve had this since May 2012 now).  He has been a great supporter of my blogging and I’ve returned the favor by being his go-to for sex toys and porn for him and his girl friend.

I already knew that I loved Njoy products due to my love affair with the Pure Wand.  I have found that stainless steel is by far one of my favorite materials for a dildo.  I love the stimulation I can get from the firmness of it and the way the metal heats up.  It is truly something that I feel every person should experience.  The Eleven is seriously NEXT LEVEL from the Pure Wand.  You get the hard material, the cold or hot temperature but now you also get the choice of two sizes that are phallically reminiscent and textured.

Both ends of the Eleven are fairly substantial in size and require a little warm up for me.  The smaller end is 1.75 inches, that’s quite a bit right out of the gate for me.  And the bigger end?  2 inches.  Yeah, there is no wiggle room with this dildo.  The Eleven is here to get you off with no room for messin’ around.  And it does.  It so does.  As I said, I need a little warm up first, but once I’ve use a vibe for a few minutes I add my favorite water-based lube (Sliquid Sassy Booty) and start to ease the smaller end in.  My favorite thing about this unforgiving material is that shock of cold I get when I first insert my Eleven.  I always keep a vibe handy and in use on my clit as I’m working this beast in.  See those ridges on the smaller end?  Yeah, they’re amazing.  As I thrust (gently) with the Eleven I can feel those ridges slide against the opening of my vag.  I love some external stimulation paired with intense internal pleasure.  The larger end makes a decent handle, easy to grip due to the size, and the gentle ‘s’ curve of the Eleven forces the curved tip to rub my g-spot.  It’s intense.

But that’s just the small end.  After I’ve gotten off at least once I can switch ends and that’s when things really start to get interesting.  I was honestly pretty terrified of the big end of the Eleven but it is so worth the warm up.  First, remember those ridges I enjoyed so much 11.4on the small end?  Well, they turn into the perfect grippies for using the big end.  There isn’t a lot of movement required with the big end.  I work it in gently with more lube and then just barely move it around while using a vibe on my clit and I’m getting off in no time.  And I mean like reaaaalllly intensely getting off.  If I’m making a night of it, I may get off a couple of times, but I’m totally a puddle of relaxed muscles by the end.  I’ve even been known to leave the Eleven’s large end inserted after multiple orgasms and just gently squeeze my vaginal muscles around the Eleven until I’m getting off again without even thrusting it.

I didn’t even talk about the amazing feel of the heat the stainless steel absorbs.  The Eleven gets HOT.  And that feels hot in the non-temperature way.  What else is great?  The fact that stainless steel is non-porous and can be boiled to sterilize…but you’re gonna need a big pot.

I love my Eleven.  That’s the bottom line.  I don’t think it replaces my Pure Wand but it fulfills the need to be really filled while being deeply and intensely stimulated.  If you get the opportunity and enjoy larger toys, I’d definitely recommend it!  Want one now?  Get it from one of my favorite shops like SheVibe.

It just fits right in with the logs, size-wise.

It just fits right in with the logs, size-wise.


Bondage Boutique Leather Slave Collar with O-Ring

collarFancy toys are enjoyable, fun, and often nice to look at but you can’t neglect the basics.  This Bondage Boutique Leather Slave Collar with O-Ring from LoveHoney Ltd fills the your basic collar needs and looks good while doing it.  The collar comes in red, white, black, or purple so you will be sure to find one that fits your taste.  It is made of leather and has that lovely leather smell, which is a nice added aphrodisiac for me.

As you can see in the picture, the hardware on this collar is silver.  The front o-ring pivots 360 degress so that you can attach it to whatever you need and not cause any strain to the wearer.  The buckle is lockable, which is a feature I adore.  It adds an extra layer of surrender and submission.


A picture of the locking buckle, just slip a small padlock through the loop

The leather portion of the collar is 20 inches long with six adjustable slots that start about an inch and a half from the end and just shy of an inch wide.  The buckle is just under an inch and a half long and 1 inch wide and seems solidly made.  The leather is smooth on both sides of the collar, with the outside looking a bit smoother.  The inside of the collar feels almost soft but is still finished leather.  After wearing or touching this collar for a prolonged amount of time, the smell of leather will linger on your skin.

The Bondage Boutique Leather Slave Collar with O-Ring is very easy to put on either by yourself or with a partner.  The leather slides through the  buckle with no struggle and the clasp slips in easily.  And it feels great on, which is really what is important.  It feels good and is able to perform, what else is there really?  Oh, the price, of course!  This is an affordable collar at $24.99.  My collar is black, but I love the look of the purple one as well.  At that price…maybe I can get that one too!

Thanks to LoveHoney Ltd for providing this product free for an honest review!

Free Lelo Personal Moisturising Lubricant worth $13.99



Jackhammer Jesus

Artistic skills and silicone can combine to make some beautiful and interesting sex toys.  This dildo is one of those things.  A while back, I reviewed the Devil dildo from Divine Interventions and now I have the flip side of that for you, the Jackhammer Jesus .  Never heard of Divine Interventions?  They are a group of artisans with a sense of humor and eye for detail.  Not only are their products amazing to look at, they know how to keep it light so you don’t feel totaalllly wrong about wanting to stick a crucifix in your vag.  Case in point, in the description of the Jackhammer Jesus they say this: “The Jackhammer Jesus has only one safety rule: Feet first, feet first, not the head, ya fool.”  And if that isn’t enough to convince you that they know how to laugh they straight-faced inform you that each dildo is “hand crafted and hand colored in small batches by cats, then cured  in a microwave that was really meant for heating lunch.”

But seriously.  Their products are amazing.  The silicone is firm and not too tacky and comes in beautiful marbled colors.  When their dildos have details like the Devil’s face and the Jesus on the Jackhammer Jesus they are meticulously done.  They even have their own Holy Water Lube that is water-based and compliments your sacrilegious toy perfectly.  I enjoy the products both visually and physically.  So let’s get to the physically part…after all, that’s why you’re here!

First, the specs.  From tip to tip, the Jackhammer Jesus is a total of 10 inches in length with the cross beam being 4 inches long.  From the cross beam portion the dildo is 7 inches long with the largest diameter being at the flare of the penis shaped tip at 5 inches.  There are texture lines all along this dildo including some rolling wave type details on the back side that move towards the tip.  Here’s a picture of what I’m trying to describe:

But what you really want to know is how that texture feels. And I can tell you it is amazing! I liked my Devil but I love my Jackhammer Jesus. The first amazing part is that swelled penis shaped tip. It goes in with such a satisfying pop and then that firm flare rubs my g-spot so well. Next, those waves of texture. They stimulate as I slid the dildo in and out adding just that small bit of extra sensation that ups the ante. And last, but not least, the texture from the figure of Jesus. The placement and shape of it make it rub against the clit when you want it to but not constantly if you don’t. The cross shape makes a nice natural handle for thrusting and the length is perfect for maneuverability.

So, yeah, the details are not just for looks. I highly recommend checking out their unique assortment of products. The next item I have my eye on is God’s Immaculate Rod because…well, look at that curve!

Thanks Divine Interventions for providing this product free for an honest review!


Cheap Thrills Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Just in time for Halloween, a costume review!  This is the Cheap Thrills Little Red Riding Hood  costume from SheVibe.  This cute little costume is red stretchy polyester with a white panel in the front and red ribbons crisscrossing it to emulate a corset type look.  The skirt also has a lacy ruffle that is meant to look like a petticoat.  The hooded cape is also included but any other accessories pictured are sold separate.

The Cheap Thrills Little Red Riding Hood is available in three different sizes: small-medium, large-x-tra large, and one size queen. I got the one size queen, which is supposed to fit U.S. dress sizes 20-24. My first thoughts on opening the box the costume came in was that there didn’t look like there was a lot of fabric in there and that I loved the vibrant red of the costume. The costume doesn’t have any zips or buttons to worry about, everything just pulls on. I’m a fan of that, especially when sizing is broad because battling a zipper on clothes that aren’t specifically tailored for a size can be a nightmare.

With the ease of pulling both the top and bottom on, this is a quick costume to get on. Unfortunately, I was not wrong about the amount of fabric. Everything fit but my DDD boobs completely filled the top. It basically looked like a fancy sports bra with wider straps. If I wear the skirt where I normally would, there is about 6 to 8 inches of bare skin between the skirt and the top. If I pull the skirt up to the base of the top like shown in the pictures, the bottom of the skirt ends up falling at about the top of my mons…which is fine if you want to be a veeeery naughty Little Red Riding Hood. Personally, I would have preferred a few more inches in length on the top. Women who don’t have breasts as large as mine will have a more successful fit with this costume.

My favorite part of the costume? The cape, of course! I kind of want to put it on and go grocery shopping, do lawn work, or just go to work. It’s just fun. And don’t think I can’t use it with another outfit for Halloween or for a sexy costume for the bed room. This is definitely a cute set, but the sizing just didn’t work for me. So keep in mind, if you have larger breasts, you may want to order up a size.

Like this costume? Check it out along with the huge selection of other costumes SheVibe carries.

Thanks to SheVibe for providing this product free for an honest review!



I know it seems crazy that I didn’t own a LELO Ella after reviewing sex toys for over 2 years…but it was true.  My collection was incomplete!  Luckily for me, the lovely folks at came to the rescue.  If you are new to sex toys and haven’t heard of the LELO Ella, you want it.  Trust me, you do.  This dildo is often included in lists of top toys for many reviewers because it can do amazing things.  It looks totally unassuming, especially in white, but don’t be fooled.

What’s so great about the Ella?  The shape.  It is allll about the shape with this dildo.  The curve and flat end are perfectly shaped to stimulate your g-spot in the best of ways.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves.  First, the basics.  This is a silicone dildo from LELO, a renowned sex toy maker.  The total length of the Ella is 7 inches with 5 inches of that length being insertable.  The diameter at the widest point is 1.25 inches.  The edges of the flat head are gently curved so there is not uncomfortable poking and the entire dildo feels velvety.  The silicone allows for it to be a very lightweight toy and the handle is shaped perfectly to fit into your hand for thrusting.  You also get your choice of black, white, or rose.  I chose white because I don’t have a lot of white toys and it just seemed kind of sophisticated.  And rose is just another word for magenta…eew.

For years, I’ve heard how great a g-spotting toy the Ella is but I never investigated it on my own.  The reason for that is probably that it isn’t a new toy and most companies already have reviews of toys that have been around for a while.  That’s no reason not to show some love for this toy though, especially one that is so affordable.  I’m really glad that I finally got the Ella for review because it really is amazing.  It is closely ranked to the Njoy Pure Wand in g-spot pleasing.

So, Ella vs. Pure Wand: The Ella is lightweight, strokes the g-spot like a boss, comes with a storage bag, and is double ended.  What does the Pure Wand do better?  It heats up beyond belief and has a longer handle.  Yeah, those two small things are the tiny gap between these two legendary toys.

I personally prefer the curved end of the Ella because the hole point for me is g-spot stimulation.  The handle has some curves and feels nice but the flat end is where its at.  I always need clitoral stimulation, so I use a vibrator with my Ella which just adds to the reasons why the lightweight silicone is so nice.  I get off quickly after thrusting with the Ella because it really is that effective.

The Ella has inspired the shape for several other of their toys including the Picobong Moka  (Picobong is made by LELO) and LELO Gigi.  The Gigi is the rechargeable vibrator version of the Ella and the Moka is the battery powered vibrator version.  So, if internal vibrations are your thing, you can still enjoy the shape of this dildo while getting them.

There’s one other thing I love about the Ella.  It solves a dilemma I’ve had ever since I got my Pure Wand.  Travel.  With the Ella, I can get the g-spot stimulation I want anywhere I go.  Yes, you can travel with the Pure Wand but it is freaking heavy.  I already have enough problems keeping my luggage under weight without adding my beloved steel dildo.  The Ella can even be put in its satin pouch and tucked into your carry-on without arousing much suspicion.  If TSA asks you could easily pass it off as a regular body massage tool.

So, if you like g-spot stimulation and orgasms (and who doesn’t?) you should get a LELO Ella.  At $40 bucks, you will not regret it! And ships fast and discreetly, so you’ll get your Ella without any hassle or awkwardness.  Thanks to for providing this free for an honest review!


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Sex Toys for Couples




Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Slimline

It has been many years since I’ve used a traditional rabbit vibrator.  I have to say that my first rabbit vibrator was the vibrator that changed my masturbation world forever.  Why did I move away from them?  I really think I started trying different things and just never looked back. recently provided me the opportunity to rectify that situation!

Let’s talk about the biggest difference between my old rabbit vibrator and my new one.  Material.  I’m not really sure what my old one was made of but I do know it was not the nice silicone that the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator comes in. My old rabbit was also pink but the material was ‘grabbier’ and seemed cheaper. Of course, this was before my self-education of sex toy materials.  Another difference was the batteries required.  My old one required AA batteries and I want to say it was 4 of them, which can add up to a lot of weight.  The new and improved version: 2 AAA batteries.

But, what you really wanna know is if the rabbit vibrator still lives up to the hype.  Yes, yes it does.  I was pleasantly surprised at the sophistication that the design of the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator. I know. That was a weird sentence to write. Sophisticated vibrator. Don’t get crazy though, this thing isn’t going to fly you to the moon, do your dishes or walk the dog. But it will get you off, and with flare.

First, the basics. The total length of this vibrator is a little longer than 8 inches with 4.25 inches of that being insertable. The rabbit arm is 3 inches long with ears that are separate. At the thickest point (about mid-shaft) the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator is approximately 3.75 inches in circumference and about 1 inch in diameter. The control base is plastic with 3 buttons: power, rabbit vibration, and shaft rotation. The dedicated power button is awesome because you can turn the power off immediately without cycling through any of the settings. There are a lot of combinations that you can enjoy with 7 vibration patterns and 3 rotation strengths. And of course, it is waterproof.

Okay, I mentioned 7 different vibration settings. Here they are:
Low Steady
Medium Steady (my preferred)
High Steady
Low Slow Pulse
Low and slow pulse that builds up to steady vibration
High Slow Pulse
3 Pulses followed by long steady

The rotation settings are just low, medium, and high speed.
The two best surprises with this vibrator were how quiet it is and how strong it is. I wasn’t sure if I would like the rotating shaft or if it would just seem kind of weird. I do like it, mostly because it adds another layer of stimulation to the play. My preferred use of the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator is turn both vibration and rotation on, get it positioned and then go hand free. This works amazingly well and allows me to use my hands to do other pleasant things like stimulate my nipples or just lay back and enjoy the sensations. I just don’t feel like thrusting is what you do with a rabbit arm. For me, it needs to be in position to hit my clit without a lot of loss of contact.

So, the new rabbits are definitely better than the old rabbits.  And the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator is perfectly sized and powered for me. I already knew I loved (and needed) clitoral stimulation but now I don’t have to choose a bullet to go along with another toy. I can get off hands free with just one toy.

Want to get an updated rabbit for yourself? Check out the selection at LoveHoney Ltd. Thanks to Lovehoney for providing this product free for an honest review.

Introducing the new Sqweel 2!


Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples

I love reading all different types of erotica but lately I’ve been tending towards BDSM-type reading.  One of my favorite writers/editors is Rachel Kramer Bussel in any genre, so when I got the opportunity to get a copy of one of her newest releases  Irresistible: Erotic Romance Couples I was excited and ready to switch gears.  This is not a BDSM book of stories but a collection of hot sex with couples.  And I do mean hot sex.  Naturally, I thought this book might be a bit tame compared to what I’ve been reading but it just reminded  me how great sex with your partner can be in any format.

There are a total of sixteen stories, all with couples but in varying stages of their relationships.  There were no stories with same sex couples though, which was a bit of a disappointment.  The longest story is 18 pages long and the shortest is 9 pages long.  All the stories are quick reads and enjoyable.  My favorite story was probably Predatory Tree by Craig J. Sorensen and my least favorite was Same As it Ever Was by Cole Riley.  Predatory Tree was a sweet story about a couple who was there for each other and understood each other so well that they picked up on things that were left unsaid.  The characters reached out to each other and after an emotional release, celebrated their love together in a unique way.  Same As it Ever Was just kind of made me sad.  The story was about a couple and their infidelity.  It saddened me because it seemed like the characters left their issues unresolved and to me that wasn’t a happy ending.

Between those two stories were plenty more to love.  If you’re into dominance and submission, check out The Netherlands by Justine Elyot.  Monogamy isn’t the only option either.  There are two stories that involve consensual partner sharing that are very hot (After the Massage by Kay Jaybee and Hypocrites by Alyssa Turner).  Into single partner play?  Lots of couples getting each other off in interesting ways in the other stories as well.  I think the nicest alternative these stories offer is a familiarity between the characters.  They know each other’s buttons and they aren’t afraid to push them.

Two more great stories include The Mitzvah by Tiffany Reisz and The Pact by Elizabeth Coldwell.  The Mitzvah is about a wife being there for her husband every way she can, even when its hard on her, and the rewards that come from that.  The Pact is about two old friends who reunite after years of distance to discover a spark and talk about an old pact.  These descriptions don’t even touch on the hot sex included in each of theses stories.  You just have to read them!!

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